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4 Free Must-Have Apps To Stay Fit Featured Mobiles 

4 Free Must-Have Apps To Stay Fit

The most common resolution most of us make at the beginning of every year is to start a healthy lifestyle, which of course not too many of us are successfully able to stick to. Why wait for the new year and spend heavily on expensive diets when you have some good apps to help you stay fit? Here are some apps you could choose from to stay in shape…

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5 Best Travel Photography Apps To Use Featured Mobiles 

5 Best Travel Photography Apps To Use

When we plan a trip the first thing on our checklist is treasuring memories. This is another reason why smartphones have become our lifelines. It can do just about anything for us, right from clicking pictures to saving them, bringing back old memories and so much more. If you’re a travel bug, you may want to try using one of these apps to give your pictures a magical effect… VSCO A popular photo-editing app, VSCO (free) has an impressive mobile preset and advanced camera controls. Easy to use, you can…

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5 Best Apps to Secure Your Smartphone Featured Mobiles 

5 Best Apps to Secure Your Smartphone

Losing your smartphone is the worst thing that can happen to you. After all, most of your personal data like photographs, contacts, credit/debit card numbers, passwords and other sensitive information is saved on your phone. And with the rise in the number of malware, securing your phone is the first thing you should ideally think of after buying a mobile phone warranty. You must have heard of some popular anti-virus apps like Nortan and Avira Antivirus Security, etc but not sure which app to use? Here’s an updated list of…

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