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Common Vacuum Cleaner Problems And Solutions Featured Small Appliances 

Common Vacuum Cleaner Problems And Solutions

Vacuum cleaners do the job of keeping your flooring clean and your home dust free. Because they’re used so often in almost all homes, there are chances of your vacuum cleaner breaking down at some point. If that happens, you need to know what went wrong and how to fix.   So here’s a list of some common problems people experience with their vacuums and solutions to these problems…   It’s Not Working If your vacuum cleaner is not starting at all, check if its properly plugged into the switch…

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The Most Common DSLR Errors and Solutions Cameras Featured 

The Most Common DSLR Errors and Solutions

This quick guide to troubleshooting camera issues will help you understand what to do if your DSLR is no more working the same way it used to or if it’s displaying error codes. Some of the most common DSLR and digital camera issues include…  Spots On Your Photos If your photos contain blemishes and spots, it’s probably due to a dusty lens or sensor. To deal with this you can clean your lens using an air blower or a microfibre cloth. If you still notice dust on your DSLR lens, you may need to…

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How to Maintain Your DSLR Camera Cameras Featured Uncategorized 

How to Maintain Your DSLR Camera

DSLR camera is no more just an expensive investment but a device that has become a necessity today, especially if you are a travel freak or a photographer. When you purchase a DSLR camera, you have the peace of mind in knowing that your device is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty for a year. But after a year if you want to get the best out of your device, it’s important that you know how to maintain, not just your camera but also the DSLR camera lens and other equipment’s.  …

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Common Printer Problems And Their Solutions Featured Laptops 

Common Printer Problems And Their Solutions

Having a printer has countless benefits, though, like any other device or appliance, printers breakdown. One of the most common problems with a printer, most of us have experienced, is the paper jamming issue or slow printing. If you use your printer frequently, we know how annoying it can be to have persisting problems with the printer. Whether your feeder is jammed with paper or you’ve run out of ink, we’ve covered these common issues below with their solutions.   The printer is very slow This depends on what type…

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