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Top 10 Tips to Maintain a Refrigerator Featured Refrigerators 

Top 10 Tips to Maintain a Refrigerator

Your refrigerator is probably the most hardworking appliance in your home. It runs 24×7 all year long and safely stores vegetables, fruits, dairy products, chocolates, juices, water, leftovers, and more. No one wants their refrigerator to break down in the middle of these hot summers (or any season for that matter). Hence, keeping the refrigerator in a tiptop condition is in your own best interest. Spending a few minutes once every few days and regularly maintaining it will help the refrigerator run efficiently and save you from sudden breakdowns and…

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How To Maintain Your RO & UV Water Purifier Featured Water Purifier 

How To Maintain Your RO & UV Water Purifier

A water purifier has become an essential appliance in every home to get pure drinking water and stop the spread of waterborne diseases. While investing in a good quality water purifier is important, maintaining it is vital as its key constituents, filters, and membrane get consumed with usage. Since RO and UV water purifiers function differently, maintenance steps for these types of water purifiers are different. Here are tips on how you can easily maintain your RO and UV water purifier… How to Maintain Your UV Water Purifier UV water purifiers are quite…

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How To Maintain Your Television For Longer Featured TV 

How To Maintain Your Television For Longer

Maintaining a TV will not just save you from last minute expensive repairs but also help extend the life of your TV. Some of us often end up ignoring some of the most important things to do like, keeping the TV and its surrounding free from dust, as dust can leave the screen damaged. Also, turning off the TV when not in use and reducing the brightness at all times to keep your TV in the best possible condition for longer.   Here are a few things to keep in…

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