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Frequently Asked Questions

Onsitego offers a quick, high-quality, and affordable Chimney cleaning and repair service at your home. You can check our website to see if your pin code is covered. We also offer kitchen Chimney installation and uninstallation services for Basic Chimneys and Island Chimneys. If our service is not available in your area, you can contact your Chimney retailer or brand for services. You can also search for ‘kitchen Chimney service near me’, ‘Chimney cleaning services near me’, or ‘kitchen Chimney service near me’ on Google.
Onsitego offers Faber Chimney services in Bangalore, Delhi NCR, and Mumbai. If you want to avail warranty on your Faber Chimney, you can contact a Faber Chimney service centre by calling their toll free number (1800 209 3484) or by emailing them at Since the company hasn’t clearly listed locations of Faber Chimney service centres across India on its website, you have to call the Faber Chimney customer care number to find information related to the location of Faber service centre in Mumbai, Faber Chimney service centre in Delhi, Faber Chimney service centre in Chennai, Faber service centre in Bangalore, Faber Chimney service in Pune, and service centres in other cities across India.
Yes, Onsitego offers professional cleaning and repair services for Faber Gas Stoves and Faber Chimneys. We also offer installation and uninstallation services for Basic and Island Chimneys from Faber and other brands.
You can use Onsitego Faber Chimney cleaning service for as low as Rs.599 for basic cleaning and Rs.1,199 for deep cleaning. Faber Chimney repair starts at just Rs.399. Onsitego also offers Faber Chimney installation and uninstallation services. You can view detailed Faber service charges on Faber’s website.
Onsitego offers installation of Chimneys along with Chimney repair services in Bangalore, Delhi NCR, and Mumbai. Our engineers come to your doorstep and offer quick and reliable kitchen Chimney fitting services.
Yes, we offer various services for Prestige Chimneys, including Prestige Chimney cleaning, Prestige Chimney installation, and Prestige Chimney repair. All these services are provided at your home and at affordable prices.
Onsitego offers services for almost all Chimney brands, including Elica. You can request for Elica Chimney installation for as low as Rs.599, Elica Chimney cleaning for Rs.599 (Rs.1,199 for deep cleaning), and Elica Chimney repair for Rs.399 via our website.
Among other brands, Onsitego offers repair services for Hindware Chimneys and Hobs as well. You can also book Hindware Chimney cleaning (basic and deep cleaning) and Hindware Chimney repair services through our website.
You can choose Onsitego for Glen Chimney cleaning and repair services. Our Basic Chimney cleaning plan starts at Rs.599 and the deep cleaning plan starts at Rs.1,199. We also offer Glen Chimney installation and uninstallation services. You can also book for Glen Chimney repair at just Rs.399.
If you’re searching for Kaff Chimney repair or Kaff Chimney cleaning services near your location, you’ve come to the right place. Onsitego also offers Kaff Chimney installation and uninstallation services for both Basic and Island Chimney models.
You can get your Sunflame Chimney installed by booking the Chimney installation service from our website. Onsitego offers installation service for Basic as well as Island Chimneys. If required, you can get Sunflame Chimney cleaning and repair services at affordable rates. You can scroll up to find the detailed pricing.
Depending on your Kutchina Chimney type, you can either book Basic or Island Chimney installation service from Onsitego. Kutchina Chimney cleaning and Kutchina Chimney repair services are also offered at your home and at affordable prices.
If your V Guard kitchen Chimney is not working, read the common Chimney problems that we’ve listed on this webpage. You can try to identify the issue and book Onsitego’s Chimney repair service. Apart from V Guard Chimney repair services, Onsitego also offers V Guard Chimney cleaning and V Guard Chimney installation services.
Eurodomo is a world-class Chimney brand. If you’ve purchased a new Eurodomo Chimney, you can use Onsitego’s Chimney installation service to get it installed in your kitchen. Apart from Eurodomo Chimney installation, you can also book Eurodomo Chimney cleaning and repair services from Onsitego.
Whirlpool Chimney installation can be booked from our website. We offer services in Bangalore, Delhi NCR, and Mumbai. If you need, you can also use our services for Whirlpool Chimney cleaning a few months down the line. If you book our deep cleaning service, our professional cleaners will reach your home and get your Chimney squeaky clean.
Onsitego’s professional service can help you in getting your Bosch Chimney installed. If you need Bosch Chimney cleaning and repair services, you can book those from our website as well.
Onsitego offers Gilma Chimney repair and cleaning services in Bangalore, Delhi NCR, and Mumbai. If you’ve purchased a new Chimney, you can also use our services for Gilma Chimney installation in your home. Our services are quick, affordable, and more importantly, high in quality.
If you need Carysil Chimney repair, you’ve come to the right place. You can book Onsitego’s Chimney repair service for a quick and affordable solution. We also offer Carysil Chimney cleaning, installation, and uninstallation services.
Onsitego offers two types of Gas Stove repair service plans: Basic Cleaning and Repair. The Basic Cleaning service includes removing any stains and debris from your Gas Stove and getting it squeaky clean. The Repair service includes identifying the problem with your Gas Hob and fixing it.
You can use Onsitego’s Hob Repair services to get quick professional help for all your Gas Stove repairs. We offer Gas Stove repair at home so that you can save some valuable time. Alternatively, you can also find Gas Stove repair services nearby your location by searching for ‘Gas Stove Repairing Near Me’ or ‘Gas Stove Repair Home Service Near Me’ in Google.
You can easily find your Gas Stove service centre by reading the manual, warranty card, or going through your Gas Hob brand’s website. The information can also be found through your Gas Stove retailer or seller. You can also book Onsitego’s Hob repair plan for quick and satisfactory service.
If you want quick, satisfactory, and affordable Gas Stove repair services online, you can always trust Onsitego. You can book the Hob Repair plan from our website. If we don’t offer services at your pin code, you can find alternative services by searching ‘Gas Range Repair Near Me’ or ‘Gas Stove Repair At Home Near Me’ on the internet.
Yes, Onsitego does offer Gas Stove repair services at your home so that you can save valuable time and money.
Onsitego promises to offer quick Gas Stove repair services at your home, usually on the same day. You can book the Hob Repair service from our website for a quick resolution.
If your Gas Stove Burner is malfunctioning, the problem could be due to debris stuck in its openings. You can get it cleaned using Onsitego’s Hob Cleaning service plan. Once you book the service, an engineer will reach your place, identify your burner’s problem, and get it fixed quickly.
Although we offer Gas Cooktop repair services, we do not offer Gas Stove installation services yet. You can ask your Gas Hob brand to offer a service engineer. You can also find information about such services by searching for ‘Gas Stove Installation Near Me’, ‘Gas Cooktop Installation Service’, or ‘Gas Hob Installation Near Me’ on Google.
You can find your Gas Hob installation price by enquiring the retailer/seller or Gas Hob brand while making the purchase. Alternatively, you can also search for ‘Gas Stove Installation Price’ or ‘Gas Stove Installation Cost’ in Google or any other trusted search engine.
Onsitego offers Faber Gas Stove service, Prestige Gas Stove repair and cleaning, Elica Gas Stove repair and cleaning, Sunflame Gas Stove repair and cleaning, Greenchef Gas Stove cleaning and repairing, and Vidiem Gas Stove repair and cleaning. We also offer Gas Cooktop repairs and cleaning services for the top brands in India, including Whirlpool, Glen, Life Long, Pigeon, Prestige, Cello, Milton, Surya Flame, Khaitan, Preethi, Wonderchef, Bosch, Bajaj, Usha, Kutchina, Hindware, Eveready, and Singer.

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Common Chimney & Hob Problems

Chimney Not Turning On
  • If your chimney is not turning on, you should check the power switch where the chimney is connected and turn it on. If the chimney is still not working, check the wiring from the socket leading up to the chimney. If it is still not working, you should call a service engineer to fix it....Read more

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