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Kishore B


" Appreciate the fact that you could help me repair the laptop during the lockdown. I needed it back in working condition as soon as possible. Thank you for understanding my concern and bringing my laptop back to life. It is working perfectly fine now "
Laxmi Rao


" My overall experience with Onsitego has been good. My laptop keyboard was not working but after getting it repaired I have not faced any problem. I am fully satisfied with the repair done. Raising a service request was easy and availing of your service was hassle-free. "
Hitesh Sharma


" Very nice product. Assistance is good and the service is very fast. "
Aman Aggarwal


" Very good product service and I am so very happy with Onsitego "

6,000+ Reviews

1,500+ Reviews

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Laptop Repair in Bangalore – 5 Common Problems & How to Fix Them

There are quite a few pieces that make up a typical lively Bangalore lifestyle and online connectivity is one of the main and often overlooked parts. A laptop is much more than a technological device – It is a source of mental peace, security and entertainment. It is quite easy to forget about this device until you are faced with unexpected laptop problems. A smooth sailing day can quickly turn upside down by a laptop battery issue, a stuck keyboard or a laptop screen flickering issue. And suddenly you find yourself calling for a last-minute home laptop repair service or travellingtravelling to a nearby laptop repair shop for a laptop keyboard replacement that you weren’t prepared for. Well, do not panic. Oftentimes, the havoc-causing problems are just an easy tweak away from being solved. So, here is a list of common problems and their solutions to make laptop repair in Bangalore easier for you.

Your Laptop Is Running Very Slow

  • A slow working system is one of the most common laptop problems that users deal with in their day-to-day life. The great news is that because this laptop hang issue is so common it is also quite easy to fix. The main cause of a laptop slow issue is too much activity and storage. If you have years and years of files and programs saved on your computer, it is probably the root cause of the slowness. Purchase an external hard drive and transfer important files onto it to keep it safe. Then, delete temporary files and unused programs that are taking up unnecessary space and causing laptop problems. Organizing the files on your desktop using folders also helps....

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer two types of laptop repair services in Bangalore - laptop repair service at home and remote support. If your laptop has malfunctioned and needs urgent repair, you can book our laptop service on our website and we will either resolve the issue remotely or send an expert engineer home for laptop repairs.
We shall try our best to offer our laptop repair services at the earliest. However, sending an engineer on the same day will depend on the availability of the engineer.
You will be charged once when you book an online laptop repair request from the Onsitego website. These charges include both service charges & labour charges. You do not get charged again unless there are any spare parts replaced while servicing laptop. In such cases, we will send you an online payment link where you can pay for the spare parts after the service is completed.
You only need to pay once at the time of booking the laptop service on the Onsitego website. You do not have to pay the engineer any fee, as the plan amount includes service charges. However, the cost of spare parts is not covered in the laptop repair service. You need to pay separately, in case a part needs to be repaired or replaced. We will send you an online payment link where you can pay for the spare parts after the service is completed.
We only work with skilled engineers who are experts at servicing laptops but in case you are not satisfied with the repairs, we will schedule another engineer visit to repair your laptop, at no extra cost.
Yes, you get 30 day warranty on repairs.
Yes, you get 90 day warranty on any spare part provided by Onsitego.
If you are based out of Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Hyderabad or Pune, you can avail of Onsitego's reliable online laptop repair service. If you don't live in these metro cities, we suggest you contact your laptop brand such as the dell service center or HP service center. If that is not possible, you can search for 'laptop repair center near me' or 'laptop service center near me' or 'laptop home service' on your choice of search engine. Do check user reviews and opinions before booking an laptop servicing request.
Laptop Basic Care can be bought for laptops less than 10 years old, including for the ones under manufacturing warranty. Laptop Total Care can be bought for new laptops only. The plan has to be purchased on the same day as the laptop. Laptop Total Care cannot be purchased for refurbished laptops. Both Laptop Basic Care & Laptop Total Care support most major brands of laptops however, certain models of specific brands may not be supported.
Onsitego Laptop Basic Care provides complete breakdown coverage for your laptop, under which labour, service charges are covered. If replacement of parts is needed for laptop repairs, it will be charged separately.
Once you make a successful purchase, our experts will reach out to you on call and install the McAfee Internet Security Software on your laptop. Activation Key for your software will be sent to your registered mail ID separately for your reference.
Problems with the laptop's keyboard along with the touch pad are one of the most common laptop issues. We do offer repair services for this issue whether there’s a problem with the entire keypad or specific keys like down arrow, spacebar or the number pad. Our service engineers will first inspect your device and then inform you if the keyboard / typing issue can be resolved by repairing or whether certain parts need to be replaced.
Yes, we can certainly carry out laptop speaker repairs. In fact, our engineers can inspect and resolve common problems like mic issues, volume control, earphone / headphone jack problems, static noise issues, etc.
Onsitego’s service engineers are experts at what they do and can resolve a wide range of laptop issues. We can take care of battery and heating issues along with any problems with the screen and display. Since video calls are an important part of working on the laptop, our engineers can resolve any problems with the camera / webcam along with speaker issues. Along with software issues, we can also help with hardware problems like RAM issues. Often while working on laptop repairs, parts may need to be replaced. Onsitego engineers will inform you if your laptop repairs need part replacement and how much the spare parts will cost. We only use good quality parts while repairing and we can source a whole range of spare parts needed right from the keyboards and laptop hinges to buttons like the power button and volume button. You can rest assured as our laptop service is backed by our 30-day warranty on service & 90-day warranty on spare-parts.
Onsitego offers laptop repair services for almost all laptop brands, including Dell. You can save the hassle of going to the Dell service center by scheduling a laptop home repair visit instead from Onsitego. If you opt for the Laptop Total Care AMC plan, we’ll pick up your laptop and drop it off at the dell service center even if your laptop is under brand warranty.
Yes, we offer laptop home service for HP laptops and for most of the major laptop brands in India including Apple laptop repair. If you want to save the hassle of going to the HP service center, you can schedule a laptop repair service at home. We can take care of specific issues like HP laptop keyboard replacement or hp laptop hinges repair. If you need tech support for your HP laptop, you can also opt for our Laptop Basic Care AMC plan that comes with unlimited repairs and tech support along with complimentary McAfee Total Protection Antivirus worth Rs.999.
Yes, we can certainly fix your Asus laptop. Schedule a laptop repair service request with us & we’ll take it from there. If the device is not protected by the brand warranty, the Asus service center may not be able to help you. Our Laptop Basic Care AMC, covers all the issues that the Asus service center can help you with. You’ll get unlimited repairs and tech support along with free McAfee Total Protection Antivirus worth Rs.999.
You can be absolutely sure of the quality of our laptop repairs. Unlike the local nearby laptop repair shops, we use good-quality spare parts while servicing laptops as cheap inferior parts can damage your device. Often when you need help with your laptop, you search for ‘laptop repair center near me’ or ‘laptop mechanic near me’ online. You should be careful about who you choose for repairing your laptop because you may be dealing with inexperienced freelancers. Onsitego’s in-house service engineers are on the other hand well-experienced. And if you’re not happy with your repair, we will schedule another visit at no extra cost to you.
Onsitego’s service engineers are based in-house and well experienced. Therefore your service experience will always be consistently excellent with Onsitego. We also offer a 30-day warranty on service & 90-day warranty on spare-parts on our repairs and the spare parts we use. Onsitego also offers a unique AMC plan called Laptop Basic Care that offers unlimited repairs as well as tech support for software issues and system setup. The plan also comes with McAfee antivirus so all your laptop needs are completely taken care of.

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