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Water Purifier Servicing & Repairs Plans


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Repure Kit

Best in class water purifier filters and membranes to ensure clean and healthy water
Contains a Dupont FilmTec RO Membrane - World’s most trusted RO membrane, imported from the USA along with Sediment Filter, Pre-Carbon Filter & Post-Carbon Filter
Contains Sediment Filter & Pre-Carbon Filter

Why Choose Onsitego UV & RO Service and Repair in Pune?

Qualified Engineers

In-house Water Purifier Engineers with 10+ years of experience

High-Quality Water Purifier Repairs

High-Quality Consumables, 90-day warranty on spare parts & 30-day warranty on service

Service Expertise

Trusted by 80 Lakh+ Customers

Precautionary Measures in the Wake of COVID-19

Regular Health Checkup

Regular checkups for all our engineers for a risk free profile

Contactless Payment

Contactless payment for safety, ease and convenience of everyone

Sanitized Equipment

All equipments are sanitized to maintain proper hygiene

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For Water Purifier Servicing & Repairs in Pune

Rajesh Sawadatkar



" Your service is the best and most importantly, your team understands the customer's needs. Thanks for the quick support. "
Sanjeev Gupta



" Filters for water purifier had to be replaced, which was done the very next day. The engineer followed safety protocols and also cleaned the water tank from inside. It was a really good experience. "
Sarang Damkondwar



" Creating a service request on the website was easy and the I received all the updates on my phone so there was no need to follow up. I'm glad I purchased your AMC. "
Milind Salvi



" Appreciate the quick service you provided. I was informed the engineer will visit within 24 hours but he was home in less than 4 hours. Thanks again! "

6,000+ Reviews

1,500+ Reviews

2,200+ Reviews

Experiencing These Water Purifier Problems in Pune? Find Out the Cause & How to Fix Them

There are many places in India, including Pune, where the quality of tap water is questionable. Bottled water is not always affordable or practical. In such a situation, people have to rely on water purifiers. One of the most popular ways to make your own supply of safe and healthy water to drink at home is by installing a reverse osmosis or ultraviolet (RO/UV) system. Because of how they work, these options require routine professional water purifier servicing. If you don’t perform regular UV/RO service or water purifier repair regularly, some problems mentioned below could develop.

Unusual Smell or Taste of Water

  • Occasionally, bad smells or unusual tastes could creep into the water dispensed by your water purifier. If you haven't been home for a while, and are experiencing such issues, try letting the tank run out and then fill it back up again. But if the smell or taste persists even after doing this - chances are high that there's some build-up of bio-contaminants or bacteria in your water purifier....

Frequently Asked Questions

You can book an RO repair or water purifier servicing appointment in Pune and other cities by visiting our website All you need to do is enter your personal and device details, the issue you are facing, a suitable date and time slot for the engineer visit, and make the payment online. Once this is done, we will schedule a water purifier engineer to visit your place for water purifier servicing, at your convenience.
We offer water purifier repairs and maintenance as well as UV & RO installation, and uninstallation services for all the top brands of RO purifiers and UV water purifiers.
Yes, regardless of age, brand, or model, Onsitego's water purifier service in Pune is available for all residential RO and UV water purifiers.
Water purifier servicing comprises cleaning the filters, outside body, and internal tank of the purifier. The RO filter and membrane can also be replaced during water purifier servicing but at an additional expense. Similarly, our water purifier service technicians can tell you if the UV lamp in your UV water purifier needs to be replaced.
While we are pleased to help you with RO repair and service, you will need to pay for the replacement/spare parts separately.
Yes, you get 30 day warranty on repairs.
Yes, you get 90 day warranty on any spare part provided by Onsitego.
Consumables are not included in water purifier servicing. Filters and RO membrane can be purchased from us for extra. You can also purchase the water purifier AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) from Onsitego, which includes consumable replacement, servicing visits, and unlimited breakdown support for 12 months.
You only need to pay once at the time of booking the water purifier service on the Onsitego website. You do not have to pay the engineer any fee, as the plan amount includes service charges. However, the cost of spare parts is not covered in the service. You are required to pay for that separately.
Although Onsitego service engineers are highly trained and experienced in their field, if you are dissatisfied with the water purifier service or repair, we will send another engineer to service your water purifier at no additional charge.
We offer RO and UV water purifier services for all the leading water purifier brands in India. You can book an Aquaguard Service or Kent RO Service from our website. We also provide services for other brands like Aquafresh, AO Smith, Bajaj, Blue Star, Livpure, Voltas, and Alfaa.
If you have a new RO water purifier from Kent RO or Aquaguard (Eureka Forbes) or other manufacturers, you can contact that specific brand for RO service while the appliance is still covered by the manufacturer's warranty. If you have an Aquaguard water purifier, for example, you can contact the company for Aquaguard service and maintenance. After the manufacturer's warranty has expired, you can purchase Onsitego's water purifier AMC or repair service.
The filters and membrane of a water purifier get consumed with usage. Regular servicing and replacement of these components are necessary to get pure and healthy drinking water. Our water purifier AMC plan takes care of these requirements and minimizes the chances of a water purifier breaking down. It also covers all costs related to any repair by our trained technicians.
Onsitego’s water purifier AMC supports most leading brands of water purifiers. However, certain brands like LG, Havells, Whirlpool, MI and PureIt are currently not covered.
Yes, you can purchase the comprehensive water purifier AMC for water purifiers that are less than 10 years old.
We can certainly refund the plan amount within 15 days of purchase, provided you have not already filed a service request or availed of any service under Onsitego’s water purifier AMC.
During your water purifier's standard warranty period, you can take water purifier servicing from the brand. After the brand warranty expires, you can buy the water purifier services from Onsitego.
Urban Company and other similar brands use freelance service engineers, which may result in an inconsistent experience. In comparison, Onsitego has a large team of in-house service engineers with 10+ years of experience and Onsitego has serviced more than 2.3 lakh RO water purifiers. Goes without saying that you get high-quality repairs, excellent service, and quick turnaround times.
Thanks to prompt, high-quality, and dependable services, Onsitego has been a trusted name in the after-sales service area for years. Onsitego employs highly skilled in-house service engineers with a minimum of ten years of expertise. We use only genuine and high-quality spare parts. Onsitego's Repure RO filter kit, which contains DuPont's FilmTech RO membrane, is used for RO servicing. Local service providers, on the other hand, may sell counterfeit filters for brands like Aquaguard and Kent RO.
The Dupont FilmTec RO Membrane used in Onsitego's Repure RO Kit is sourced from the United States. These membranes are the gold standard in water purification, and major brands utilise them all over the world. We keep the quality of the consumables at the highest level so you don't have to worry about water purifier servicing.
Yes. Onsitego's highly-trained engineers can service and repair Aquaguard UV and RO water purifiers. You can book a visit from our technicians for Aquaguard service without a second thought. Moreover, you can also take advantage of our RO service and repair for other brands including AO Smith, Aquafresh, Bajaj, Blue Star, Kent, Livpure, Voltas, and Alfaa.
Our filter replacement kits are compatible with many of the top water purifier brands. But, our service engineers first inspect your water purifier model and then recommend the right filter and membrane replacement.
If you are based out of Pune or other metro cities, you can avail of Onsitego's reliable water purifier servicing and repairs. If you don't live in metro cities, we suggest you contact your water purifier's brand. If that is not possible, you can search for 'water purifier service near me' or 'RO service near me' or 'water purifier repair near me' on your choice of search engine. Do check user reviews and opinions before booking an AC service request.
The popular localities where we offer water purifier services in Pune are Amanora Park Town, Aundh, Baner, Hadapsar, Kothrud, Magarpatta City, Pimple Saudagar, Pimpri, Shivaji Nagar, Solapur Bazar, Viman Nagar, Wakad. Contact us if you want to find out whether we service your area

Water Purifier AMC and Services Coverage Details


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