Looking for Mobile Insurance? Get OnsiteGo Warranty Starting @Rs.249 only - India's #1 Rated extended warranty plans.

Brands & Locations covered

Brands & Locations covered


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Mobile Phone



Best protection for your Mobile Phone. Ever.

Extended Warranty on Mobile Phone

Extended Warranty

Extends & Replicates manufacturer's warranty

5 stars

  • Extends your manufacturer's warranty to make your mobile phone last longer
  • Covers Malfunctions & Breakdowns
  • Free Pick & Drop from your doorstep
  • Repair or replacement guaranteed. If we cant repair it in time, you get a Free Replacement

Select Plan

  • 1 Year


This plan only covers mobile phones bought on or after March 27, 2019
What do you get ?
  • •    Freedom from Financial worries related to Mobile Phone repairs

    Mobile Phone Repairs are expensive, check out the average repair costs in the image, to see how much you can save with OnsiteGo

  • •    If we cant repair it in time , we'll replace it. Repair or replacement cost upto the Mobile Phone invoice value

    The invoice price of the Mobile Phone is the maximum liability upto which we will pay for repair/ replacement of your Mobile Phone

  • •    Completely Cashless

    Repairs are completely cashless for what is covered in the plan, there are no hidden costs. We pay for parts, labour charges, pick & drop charges and taxes.

  • •    Covers all genuine manufacturing defects

    This plan replicates & Extends your manufacturer's standard warranty & defect classification is done by the brand authorised service centre.

  • •    30 Day Easy Refund Policy

    For purchases made at Onsitego.com, if you are not satisfied, we have a 30 day refund policy from the date of purchase of plan. Money gets refunded via the same payment method through which payment was made, except in case of cash payment where the refund is directly transferred to the customer's bank account.

  • •    Free Pick & Drop at your Doorstep

    Device will be picked up from your doorstep, serviced & delivered back to your doorstep. We cover over 900 cities.

  • •    This plan covers your new Mobile Phone and can be purchased with the Mobile Phone

    This plan only covers New Mobile Phone and needs to be purchased within 6 months of mobile phone purchase. OnsiteGo may have special plans or tie ups with certain partners for refurbished, used , unboxed - devices which are only available with the partners.

  • •    Plan starts a day after your manufacturer's warranty ends and runs for the duration selected.

    The OnsiteGo plan begins a day after the manufacturer's warranty expires and runs for the duration of the plan selected by you.

  • •    Use the warranty unlimited number of times

    There is no limit to the number of times you can raise a request with us. It is only capped by the actual value of your Mobile Phone.

  • •    Repairs at Brand Authorised Service Center's only

    Repairs will be at brand authorised service centers only (as far as possible). If none is available in your city , we will take support from a different renowned brand service center. OnsiteGo doesn't have any service center of its own. An invoice of the Service will be provided on demand.

  • •    Genuine Spare Parts

    Since repairs are done at an authorised service center itself, only genuine spare parts will be used for repairs

  • •    Timely Repair or Replacement guarantee

    If we can't repair you Mobile Phone within SLA , we will send you a replacement - device or gift voucher.

  • •    OnsiteGo Certificate of Protection

    This certificate guarantees OnsiteGo protection for the registered Device. You get this after you register your device details with OnsiteGo

What is not included ?
  • •    Any Malfunction due to Physical Damage or Liquid logging or any other external forces

    This plan only covers manufacturing defects, any malfunction due to physical damage or liquid logging or external forces - e.g. electricity surge will not be covered. We have damage protection plans for this.

  • •    Devices not bought in India, or those which do not have at least 1 year manufacturer's warranty in India

    Under this plan, we only cover devices purchased in India with a minimum of 1 year manufacturer's warranty (from the date of device purchase). We get the devices serviced only from brand authorised service center's across India.

  • •    Malfunction due to Regular wear & tear (e.g. hinges)

    Regular usage of devices leads to wear & tear, which is not covered in the warranty. E.g. - Hinges, screen scratches etc.

  • •    Accessories like Battery, Charger, headphones etc

    This plan only covers the Mobile Phone and not the accessories like battery, charger and headphones among others.

  • •    Software Issues (due to virus etc) , Data Loss

    This plan covers manufacturing defects of the Mobile Phone. This does not include software or data.

  • •    Any modifications , Servicing (including that of software) , not authorised by the manufacturer

    This plan covers manufacturing defects and any manufacturer unauthorised modifications , will make the warranty null & void.

Terms of Service
All Our Plans Include
  • Free Shipping

  • Authorised Service Centre

  • Totally Cashless

  • Email & Phone Support

  • Easy Refunds

Repair or Replace Guarantee

We promise that your device will be picked up, repaired & dropped back within 14 working days (may vary as per device & brand).
If we don’t meet our promise, we will give you a replacement device. Absolutely free.

No Excuses Ever
  • •      Spare parts not available, not an excuse.
  • •      Huge rush at the service centre, not an excuse.
  • •      Service centre understaffed, not an excuse.
  • •      We goof up somewhere, not an excuse.
  • •      Any other excuse that anyone can come up with. Still, not an excuse.
No Questions Asked
  • •      Device damaged? Just tell us and we will get into repair mode.
  • •      No irritating questions of how, why, when or where.
  • •      No doubts on you, or the incident.
  • •      We know, this is the time to act, not to interrogate!
What do I get as Replacement ?
  • Get the same make, model, if available in the open market.

  • Get a gift voucher. Helps when the mobile phone you were using has been discontinued.

  • Like a new mobile phone ? Get a gift voucher from us & upgrade yourself to the new mobile phone.

  • Any other option suits you better? Write in to us at secure@onsite.co.in.

Repairs At Only Authorised Service Centres

We have tie-ups with brand authorized service centers all over India. We ensure premium service, genuine parts, and complete transparency in the repair process.

In case your city does not have an authorized service center for your device, we may take help from a different, renowned brand’s centre for repairs

For high cost repairs, we'll get you the service centre invoice, if needed.

300 Brands Covered. Across India

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which mobile insurance plan is best suited for me?

    If you want your mobile phone to work beautifully for at least 2 years, you should ideally get a damage protection along with a mobile warranty (Extended Warranty) plan for your smartphone. No matter what the brand, some devices fail on their own. So investing in the right mobile insurance plan can give your phone a prolonged life. Smartphones are fragile and prone to physical damage, some of them can even get damaged with a splash of water or tea, and inconvenience you. So we recommend you buy both.

  • How do I raise a claim request?

    Call us @ 1800220506 and share whats wrong with the smartphone. We will raise a request, get the phone picked up, repaired and delivered to you !

  • When does my mobile warranty/protection start?

    Our mobile warranty plan starts on the day after the manufacturers' warranty expires. For eg; If your phone warranty or brand warranty expires on 20 May 2017, our warranty starts on 21 May 2017, such that your smartphone is always covered. This is why it is important to purchase mobile insurance well in time. As far as the Damage Protection plan goes, it starts right from the day you buy the plan.

  • Whats your international coverage policy?

    We cover smartphones which have been purchased only in India. We will cover such smartphones if they go bust in any part of the world! A few features like pick and drop may not be available in such cases. You will need to get the mobile repaired, and we will reimburse you. Rest assured they are covered.

  • When should I protect the smartphone?

    NOW! Do not delay it. Purchase a damage protection on the same day of your device purchase. An extended warranty is more flexible, in that it can be purchased within 6 months of your device purchase. It costs a lot to delay these things, buy them now !

  • Show me financial sense?

    Protecting your 25k smartphone starts from just Rs. 1,199. A simple motherboard change will cost you more than Rs. 6,000 in the market. A crack in the screen will render it useless and cost upwards of Rs, 10,000. It always makes financial sense. Everytime!