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Things To Keep In Mind While Buying New Washing Machine
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Tips To Make Your Washing Machine Last Longer
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Most Common Reasons For A Noisy Washing Machine
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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find a nearby Washing Machine repair service by going through your Washing Machine brand’s website, user manual, or other documentation. An even better way would be to contact Onsitego for quick and reliable Washing Machine repair services. Be it front load Washing Machine repair, top load Washing Machine repair, or fully automatic Washing Machine repair, Onsitego does it all.

Our service engineer can offer Washing Machine installation, Washing Machine pipe fitting, Washing Machine tap fitting, Washing Machine outlet pipe fitting, and Washing Machine plumbing installation. To save yourself from costly repairs, you can also take advantage of our Washing Machine maintenance service, which starts at just Rs. 399.

If you don’t live in Bangalore, Delhi NCR, or Mumbai, you can find alternative services either through the brand or by searching for ‘Washing Machine Servicing Near Me,’ ‘Washing Machine Mechanic Near Me,’ ‘Washing Machine Technician Near Me,’ or ‘Washing Machine Repair Shops Near Me’ on Google.
The easiest way to get your LG Washing Machine repaired is to use Onsitego’s services. We offer quick, reliable, and high-quality Washing Machine repairs and services at affordable rates. We also offer LG Washing Machine repair at home with a completely paperless process. You can book LG Washing Machine service, from as low as Rs. 399. We offer LG Washing Machine repair service for both front load and top load models. LG Washing Machine installation and uninstallation are available as well. Alternatively, you can search for ‘LG Washing Machine servicing near me’ on Google to find other service providers near your location, but they may or may not provide at-home services like us.
The Washing Machine may not spin for various reasons. Starting with an overloaded machine to a faulty PCB, you can read our Common Washing Machine Problems section to understand the underlying reasons. Whether it is the PCB or the timer, Onsitego’s experienced technicians can get everything repaired or replaced. However, LG Washing Machine PCB repair costs can be quite high, so make sure to maintain the Washing Machine regularly. If your LG Washing Machine is stopping mid-cycle, the problem could be because of an open lid, a faulty timer, or the presence of things like keys or coins. If it is due to a faulty repair, you can get the LG Washing Machine timer repair at your home using Onsitego’s repair services.
Samsung Washing Machine servicing can be done by Onsitego. Once you book our service, our service technician will visit your home, identify the issue, quote you a price, and get the issue fixed. The whole process is completely paperless.
Yes, we can repair your Samsung washing machine’s PCB at affordable prices. Apart from repairs and servicing, we also offer Samsung Washing Machine installation and uninstallation in Bangalore, Delhi NCR, and Mumbai. We are trying to bring Washing Machine services to more cities across India.
If you live in Bangalore, Delhi NCR, or Mumbai, you can book Bosch Washing Machine repairs and servicing via Onsitego. We offer same-day services, subject to the problem and the required solution. Prices start from Rs. 399 for repair, maintenance, installation, and uninstallation. Prices vary depending on the Washing Machine model and make.
Whirlpool Washing Machine servicing is offered by Onsitego in Bangalore, Delhi NCR, and Mumbai. We also offer Whirlpool Washing Machine installation, uninstallation, and maintenance. If you live in cities where Onsitego’s services are not available yet, you can contact the brand or retailer for Whirlpool Washing Machine repair services.
Onsitego offers quick and reliable IFB Washing Machine repair services for both front-load and top-load models. We also offer IFB Washing Machine installation, uninstallation, and complex things like IFB Washing Machine PCB board repair.
Onsitego’s Godrej Washing Machine repair services are available in Bangalore, Delhi NCR, and Mumbai right now. However, we are trying to bring our reliable services to more parts of India.
You can go through Videocon’s website, user manual, or any other support documentation to find repair services. Alternatively, you can book Washing Machine repair service via Onsitego’s website. Apart from Videocon Washing Machine servicing, we also offer installation, uninstallation, and maintenance services in Bangalore, Delhi NCR, and Mumbai.
You can call 1800-209-1850 from Monday to Saturday between 8 AM to 8 PM for Siemens Washing Machine repair in India. Alternatively, you can book Onsitego’s Washing Machine repair and maintenance services. You can also find such repair services by searching for ‘Siemens Washing Machine Repair Near Me’ on Google.
If your Panasonic Washing Machine is not turning on, the problem could be related to a faulty power supply, faulty power cord, faulty PCB, or many other things. Onsitego’s service engineer can quickly diagnose the problem and offer a quick resolution. Moreover, the engineer can offer Panasonic Washing Machine repair right at your home.
There could be several reasons why your Haier Washing Machine isn’t spinning. To quickly find out the issue, you can book Onsitego’s services for Haier Washing Machine repairs. Washer and dryer repair services for both front-load and top-load Haier models are available.
Yes, we offer Washing Machine repair, maintenance, installation, and uninstallation services for Onida Washing Machines.
Check if the power cable is properly plugged into the socket and the power switch is turned on. Then, check if you’ve selected the correct program and there is enough water from the inlet hose and that it isn’t blocked. If none of those problems exists, you may need a professional service engineer from Onsitego for Electrolux Washing Machine repair.

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Common Washing Machine Problems

Washing Machine Not Working or Starting
  • If your washing machine is not working or turning on, check whether there is power in the socket and if the washing machine is plugged correctly. Check the power outlet and the fuse. Check if there are any problems with the power cable. If you see a burnt power cable, call an electrician or a washing machine technician to get the problem fixed....Read more

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