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Complete Care for Your AC With AMC

Plan Benefits

  • 2 Free Preventive Maintenance Services
  • Unlimited Repairs including Spare Parts
  • Free Gas Charging
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Why is Regular Service & Maintenance of AC Required?

Improves Cooling

Reduces Electricity Bills

Increases AC’s Lifespan

Minimizes Breakdowns

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Frequently Asked Questions

An AMC gives you complete peace of mind from appliance breakdowns and helps you extend the life of the appliance. Regular maintenance minimizes the chances of your air conditioner breaking down and reduces repair expenses drastically. With regular services, you can also be sure of consistently getting cool, healthy air from your air conditioner.
Onsitego guarantees high quality service with a trained technician who will come to your doorstep. With no paperwork required, we will send a technician to your location within 48 hours of a request from you. You get complete peace of mind with Onsitego’s Comprehensive AMC, which covers -
• 2 Scheduled Maintenance Services a year
• Unlimited Breakdown Support, which covers labour and service charges
• Doorstep service, by a trained technician
• Free gas charging and repair of gas leakage
• Cost of spare parts, in case a part needs to be replaced
It is necessary for your air conditioner to be in a working condition for the Onsitego Comprehensive AMC plan to begin. After purchasing the plan, an authorised Onsitego engineer will visit your location to inspect your AC. In case of a non-working air conditioner, you will have to pay an additional cost to get it repaired. Once the AC is inspected, the plan will begin.
Comprehensive AMC includes the cost of spare parts, in case they need to be replaced. This is unlike Basic AMC where you have to pay for the spare parts if they need to be replaced.
Onsitego provides three different types of AMC plans for AC to provide enough flexibility to our customers. Under the Basic plan, spare parts are not covered whereas under Advanced AMC all standard spare parts are covered except for cooling and condenser coil. Under Comprehensive AMC, Onsitego covers all the spare parts.
If your AC is out of the manufacturer's warranty and is not covered under any existing AMC, Onsitego AMC will start the same day you buy the plan and will be valid for 1 year / 2 years as per the plan purchased. However, if your AC is still in the manufacturer’s warranty period or has an ongoing AMC, you can avail the service a day after the expiry of the manufacturer’s warranty or AMC, subject to a successful site inspection to ensure that the appliance is fully functional.
There is no limit to the number of service requests you can raise against this plan during the year of the contract. However, the contract is limited to 2 scheduled maintenance services a year.
AMC plans do not cover the following parts:
• Cabinet of the outdoor unit
• Remote handset
• Painting of the unit at the top and bottom
• Sheet metal parts
• Rubber components
• Plastic parts
• Any styling decorative material and
• Front grill
• Stabilizer
***Spare parts are covered under Comprehensive AMC, but not under Basic AMC.
You can visit the Onsitego website and click Raise Service Request on the home page, enter the necessary details and schedule a technician visit as per your convenience.
No, there are no hidden costs. Once you buy the Onsitego Comprehensive AMC you need not pay anything for any service during the year of the contract.
We can refund the plan amount within 15 days of purchase of the plan, provided you have not already filed a service request or availed any service included under the Onsitego AMC.
Onsitego Comprehensive AMC can be purchased for any type of residential air conditioner be it a window AC or split AC up to a capacity of 2 Ton.
The term of the Onsitego Comprehensive AMC for air conditioners is 1 year / 2 years as per the plan purchased.
Yes, you can buy the Onsitego Comprehensive AMC and Advance AMC for an air conditioner of any brand that’s less than 5 years old, or Basic AMC for an air conditioner that’s less than 10 years old, subject to a mandatory site inspection to ensure that the appliance is fully functional.

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