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Booking an IR service for my AC was an easy process. The engineer was prompt and prov...Read more
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5 reasons your air conditioner is not cooling
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Most common problems with split air conditioners
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Signs that your air conditioner might be failing
Signs that your air conditioner might be failing
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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer repair, maintenance service, installation and uninstallation of air conditioners.
The maintenance service for the air conditioner includes wet service/jet service for your appliance. The jet service includes cleaning of air conditioner filters, indoor coils, blades, drain tray, outer panel and outdoor unit with water. It also includes oiling / greasing of certain parts and checking if the air conditioner is properly cooling.
Yes, the services can be availed for any split / window residential air conditioner upto a cooling capacity of 2 ton, irrespective of age, brand and model.
Installation and uninstallation of air conditioners are two separate services. To get the air conditioner installed, you can book for an installation service and our engineer will be at your doorstep to install the air conditioner. Any stand, copper pipe, electrical wire or drain pipe required to complete the installation will be charged separately.
While we will be happy to provide you with repair and maintenance service, you will have to pay separately for the spare parts that require replacement.
Occasionally, refrigerant gas may leak from an air conditioner due to a failure resulting in loss of cooling. You can purchase our Gas Recharging service under which our engineer will inspect the device, identify the leakage and repair the leakage if possible. In some cases, the leakage may be unrepairable and may require some component replacement (replacement of components is not covered under the plan and will have to be paid for separately). Post repair of the leakage, any contaminants and debris will be flushed from the system with vacuum pressure and the refrigerant gas will be recharged.
You only need to pay once at the time of booking the service on the Onsitego website. You do not have to pay the engineer any fee, as the plan amount includes service charges. However, the cost of spare parts is not covered in the repair service. You need to pay separately, in case a part needs to be repaired or replaced.
You can book our Gas Recharging service which will be appropriate for fixing the gas leakage issue. At the same time, we will refund the charges you paid to book the Repair service.
Certain repairs associated with cooling coils and condenser coils should not be undertaken at home. In such cases, the air conditioner will have to be transported to the service center for repairs. You will be charged a flat rate of Rs. 500 against transportation charges. No additional service charges will be payable.
We only work with trained engineers who are experts but in case the engineer is unable to fix your air conditioner issue, we will schedule another engineer to repair your air conditioner, at no extra cost.
Yes, Onsitego’s AC servicing includes gas leakage repair as well as AC gas refilling whenever necessary. Our split AC and window AC AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) plans include free gas charging if required. You can also book our dedicated Gas Recharging service in which our engineer will first identify the leakage and then repair it if possible. Any contaminants and debris will be removed from the AC system with the help of vacuum pressure before the AC gas is recharged.
Yes, Onsitego’s AC service team makes sure that the customer’s house remains squeaky clean after the AC service is completed.
Urban Company AC service uses freelance AC service technicians, which means that the service quality may keep changing, depending on the technician’s experience. However, Onsitego uses in-house AC service engineers with more than 10 years of experience, which means that you can rest assured of Onsitego’s AC service quality.
Onsitego’s AC service engineers should be able to fix AC water leakage within the promised TAT (Turnaround Time). If an engineer is unable to solve the problem within the specified time, we will book you another engineer without any additional cost.
If you’ve purchased a new LG AC, you should contact the brand’s service centre or call centre for AC servicing during the standard brand warranty period. Once the brand warranty expires, you can opt for Onsitego’s AC services. You can either buy air conditioner AMC plan or book instant AC repairs from Onsitego.
Onsitego’s AC service team has installed and uninstalled thousands of split and window ACs across India. In fact, Onsitego has a special AC installation and AC uninstallation service that you can book separately. These services would help you when you buy a new AC and when you move to a new place. Onsitego’s AC installation and uninstallation services are offered for both split and window ACs.

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Common Air Conditioner Problems

Having a non-functional air conditioner can be a problem, especially if you stay in hot or humid climate conditions. Air conditioners play an important role in filtering out pollutants and circulating cool healthy air. If not maintained properly with regular air conditioner service, your air conditioner can start showing signs of failure. Some of the most common air conditioner problems include:

Air Conditioner Water Leakage
  • A clogged condensate drain line is what leads to air conditioner water leakage. The condensate tray collects the condensed water but if it is found to be broken or damaged the water seeps through it when the air conditioner is running....Read more

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