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    Pavithra S.

    Pavithra S.


    " I cannot recommend iProtect Gold enough! It was worth buying the iPhone protection plan. The display of my phone cracked within 3 months of buying the phone. I raised a request for repair and without any questions about how and why the phone was damaged, Onsitego replaced the phone for me. The plan turned out to be better than any iPhone insurance plan I found. "
    Aakash Patel

    Aakash Patel


    " I've been using iProtect Gold for a little over a year and it has exceeded my expectations. My device was damaged within a year, and Onsitego was quite helpful in getting it fixed on priority. I am happy with the services and I would say it’s definitely value for money. "
    Raj Jadhav

    Raj Jadhav


    " I was travelling and my phone was in my pocket. I soon realized that the back panel was completely broken. I contacted Onsitego as I had purchased iProtect gold for my iPhone. They replaced it. I was very happy to get a new phone. It was completely worth buying this iPhone protection plan. "
    Amardeep Singh

    Amardeep Singh


    " I've been a loyal Onsitego customer for years now, and I can confidently say iProtect Gold is the best iPhone protection plan out there. My phone stopped working just after the brand warranty ended. But with my iProtect Gold plan, my phone was repaired and back to its previous condition. "

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Most extended warranty plans don’t cover physical or liquid damages. iProtect Gold covers damages as well as manufacturing defects. It offers extended warranty for one year after the manufacturer’s warranty ends. So, repairs needed due to manufacturing defects are covered for an additional year. The plan also covers repairs needed due to physical and liquid damage for the first 2 years.

    iProtect Gold also offers free pick and drop and a guarantee that we will use only genuine spare parts to repair your phone. Unlike iPhone insurance plans, our iPhone protection plan has a "No Questions Asked" policy. We will not ask you “How it got damaged”, “Where it got damaged” or “When it got damaged”. We will repair your iPhone regardless of the reason.

    Another awesome feature of iProtect Gold is that you get up to 30% assured buyback of your iPhone’s invoice value. So it’s easy for you to sell or upgrade your iPhone if you need to.

    iProtect Gold is a hassle-free plan which presents a one-stop solution for all post-purchase worries. Unlike iPhone insurance plans, in iProtect Gold you don’t have to pay anything for the spare parts or the repair service. You don’t need to fill up a lot of tedious paperwork.

    The plan also offers free pick and drop. If something goes wrong with your iPhone, all you have to do is give us a call and we take it from there. This includes picking up your phone, having it repaired at an authorized service center, coordinating with the service center and then delivering your repaired phone back to you. These services are not provided in a typical iPhone insurance plan.

    Before you buy iPhone insurance, also consider our "No Questions Asked" policy. Onsitego will never ask you how the phone broke down. We will not ask you “How it got damaged”, “Where it got damaged” or “When it got damaged”. We will repair your iPhone regardless of the reason.

    Another major difference between a traditional iPhone insurance plan and the iProtect Gold iPhone protection plan is the claims acceptance ratio. Onsitego accepts 99.4% of the claims raised, while the number is much less for most iPhone insurance plans.

    While an iPhone extended warranty provides coverage for manufacturing defects, iProtect Gold offers coverage for manufacturing defects as well as physical & liquid damage such as a cracked screen or broken back panel or any damage due to spillage. One of the most common causes of Phone damage is a cracked screen and that’s why we recommend protecting your phone with iProtect Gold.
    Onsitego iProtect Gold for iPhone is available for 1 & 2 years. It starts from the date of purchase of the plan and is valid for the coverage term calculated from the date of purchase of the device as mentioned on the invoice.
    Buy Onsitego’s iPhone protection plan on the same day of purchasing your iPhone and ensure that you are buying the right plan based on the price of your phone. At the time of purchasing the plan, ensure that the invoice issued to you by your retailer has the IMEI/Serial Number that matches the one on the phone.
    The iProtect Gold iPhone protection plan covers only brand-new devices. You should not purchase this plan for old devices, refurbished devices, damaged devices or malfunctioning devices, as Onsitego will not service such devices.
    You get up to 2 service requests for damage protection or 1 replacement service request per year, subject to copayment amount being paid. The unused service requests are not carried forward.
    The aim of the iProtect Gold iPhone protection plan is to offer comprehensive protection. If you accidentally crack the screen or break the back panel, it is covered. If you spill coffee on it and your phone stops working, that is also covered. Our plan covers physical as well as liquid damages. But do keep in mind that the damage should not be on account of normal wear and tear. Cracks are covered, scratches are not.
    Yes, you will have to pay a copayment amount under the plan. For screen damage service requests the copayment is ₹2,299 while the copayment for replacement service requests is ₹8,499. Once you raise a service request, the Onsitego team will send you a payment link for paying the amount. Your device will be picked up swiftly after receiving the amount. Now, there can be two situations:
    • The authorised service center determines that the device has suffered damage. In this case, we will have the device repaired and deduct the count of your remaining eligible services.
    • Authorised service center determines that the device has broken down due to a manufacturing defect. In this case, we will refund the copayment amount and have your device repaired. Your eligible service count will not be deducted.
    The iProtect Gold plan covers repairs needed due to both manufacturing defects and damages for the first 2 years. That means you can protect your iPhone completely for a fraction of the cost of your iPhone. A crack in the screen or repairing the motherboard can cost up to 50% to 80% of the device price or even render it useless. Besides making financial sense to opt for the plan, it also comes with 30% assured buyback.
    Sometimes a phone cannot be repaired due to unavailability of spare parts. Under our plan, you will get a brand replacement device with equal or equivalent features. However, after replacement, you will be able to raise another service request only in the next year of your iProtect Gold coverage term.
    If you wish to upgrade to the latest iPhone, you don’t need to hunt for buyers for your old phone as the iProtect gold comes with a 30% buyback assurance. Onsitego will honour the buyback if the following conditions are met:
    • All the buttons on your phone are working.
    • There are no cosmetic damages on the phone.
    • The original charger and other accessories are available and in working condition.
    • The phone should stay on for a minimum of 2 minutes without plugging in the charger.
    • The phone has not undergone any unauthorized repairs.
    Onsitego may make an appropriate deduction to the Assured Buyback amount for any damages or missing accessories. Once the device is handed over to the agent, Onsitego will transfer eVouchers to your registered email ID and registered mobile number.
    Click here to raise a service request or send “Hi” on WhatsApp and share what's wrong with the iPhone. We will raise a request, get the phone picked up, repaired and delivered to you !
    We will not be able to cover those devices that are bought outside India. However, if the device that you have bought in India gets damaged while travelling abroad, we will cover it. You can get it repaired from the service center abroad, we will reimburse the costs incurred up to the fair market value in INR. Alternatively, you can get it back to India, we will provide our usual pick and drop service.
    iProtect Gold is meant to be a hassle-free iPhone protection plan. So, our free pick and drop service is a part of the effortless service we aim to provide. Only if Onsitego is unable to provide you with pick and drop services, you can get your phone repaired on your own. However, please keep in mind that Onsitego needs to be informed about the damage before submitting the device to the nearest authorized service center.
    While we will be sorry to see you cancel our plan, we can certainly refund the plan within 30 days, provided you have not already filed a service request.


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