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    is the average repair cost of your mobile phone's screen, accounting for ~30% of the device cost


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    My experience with Onsitego was really good. It was worth buying your plan for my One...Read more
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Onsitego Screen Protection plan protects your device's screen and display from any kind of physical or liquid damage. The plan can be bought only on the same day as the day of your device purchase. It is valid for 1 year, and starts from the date of purchase of the plan and is valid till 12 months, calculated from the date of purchase of the device as mentioned on the invoice.
    Yes, There is a Copayment which needs to be paid at the time of raising Service Request. Copayment amount to be paid is Rs. 399 or 3% of device price(whichever is higher) which has to be paid at the time of availing the service.
    Protecting your 25k smartphone starts from just Rs. 1,499. A simple motherboard change will cost you more than Rs. 6,000 in the market. A crack in the screen will render it useless and cost upwards of Rs, 10,000. It always makes financial sense to opt for protection plan
    NOW! Do not delay it. Purchase damage protection on the same day of your device purchase. An extended warranty is more flexible, in that it can be purchased within 9 months of your device purchase. It costs a lot to delay these things, buy them now !
    If you want your mobile phone to work beautifully for at least 2 years, you should ideally get damage protection along with a mobile extended warranty plan for your smartphone. No matter what the brand, some devices fail on their own. So investing in the right mobile protection plan plan can give your phone a prolonged life. Smartphones are fragile and prone to physical damage, some of them can even get damaged with a splash of water or tea, and inconvenience you. So we recommend you buy both.
    Our mobile warranty plan starts on the day after the manufacturers' warranty expires. For eg; If your phone warranty or brand warranty expires on 20 May 2017, our warranty starts on 21 May 2017, such that your smartphone is always covered. This is why it is important to purchase mobile protection plan well in time. As far as the Damage Protection plan goes, it starts right from the day you buy the plan.
    Call us @ 1800220506 and share what's wrong with the smartphone. We will raise a request, get the phone picked up, repaired and delivered to you !
    We cover smartphones which have been purchased only in India. We will cover such smartphones if they go bust in any part of the world! A few features like pick and drop may not be available in such cases. You will need to get the mobile repaired, and we will reimburse you. Rest assured they are covered.
    Battery problems are one of the most common problems people face with their smartphones. The simplest way to prolong your smartphone's battery is to avoid charging your phone overnight, turning down the brightness, avoiding vibration mode, etc.
    Did you know that a smartphone's screen covers nearly 35% of the device's cost? Almost all mobile phones come with a gorilla glass these days, which is a scratch-resistant display but that's not enough. Tempered glass over gorilla glass is like extra protection for your smartphone screen and can protect it from easily breaking or cracking.Read More
    Smartphones usually slow down or start freeing frequently when the internal storage is almost full. You can delete unwanted apps, move your photos and videos to the drop box or SD card and most importantly, avoid using live wallpapers. Also, close all the open apps that cause your phone to freeze.
    Immediately switch off your phone, remove the battery, SIM, memory cards and leave it open for a few hours. In case of an iPhone where the device cannot be opened, simply switch off the device. The longer your phone is in contact with water, the greater the chances of damage.Read More
    Yes, as long as you blow dry it on the 'Cool' mode. But blow drying a phone wouldn't help absorbing the moisture from inside if the water has entered in the device. A better idea is to keep your phone in a sack of rice for a few days. It will thoroughly evaporate moisture from within.Read More

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