Extended Warranty

  • Extends your manufacturer's warranty
  • Covers Malfunctions & Breakdowns
  • 'No Questions asked' repair policy
  • Free Pick & Drop, Completely Paperless process
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Spills and Drops / Damage Protection

  • Any Physical and Liquid damage covered
  • 'No Questions asked' repair policy
  • Repair or Replacement guaranteed
  • Free Pick & Drop, Completely Paperless process
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How Does It Work?

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Repair And Maintenance

Get doorstep pick-up of your device or at-home service by a qualified engineer.

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Use it like it’s a new one

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No Questions Asked

We accept 99.4% of all service requests raised. No questions

High Quality Repairs

Be sure to get top-class repair & services from our qualified engineers.

Zero Paperwork

No forms, no invoices, no paperwork to be filled

Replacement Guarantee

We repair your device within the promised time or replace it

Free Pick & Drop

We provide doorstep pick-up & drop. 100% convenience, 0% hassle.

At-home Service

Get tension-free repairs for your large appliances at home by a qualified engineer

Frequently Asked Questions

Onsitego Extended Warranty replicates the warranty provided by your manufacturer for a period of up to 1 year beyond what the manufacturer provides. The plan covers all malfunctions and manufacturing defects in the device or appliance. Extended Warranty is applicable for 1 additional year after the expiry of the manufacturer’s warranty. However, the sum of the manufacturer’s warranty and extended warranty should not exceed 5 years. You can buy Extended Warranty till up to 9 months after purchasing a device or appliance.
Onsitego Spills & Drops Protection plan protects your device from any kind of physical or liquid damage. The plan can be bought only on the same day as the day of your device purchase. It is valid for 1 year, and starts from the date of purchase of the plan and is valid till 12 months calculated from the date of purchase of the device as mentioned on the invoice.
No, raising a repair request during the Extended Warranty is completely free. All the costs are covered as part of the plan.
Yes, There is a Copayment which needs to be paid at the time of raising Service Request. Copayment amount to be paid is Rs. 599 or 5% of device price (whichever is higher) which has to be paid at the time of availing the service.
Extended warranty for your precious 30,000 camera costs only Rs. 1,749. A simple circuit board malfunction will cost you more than Rs. 6,000 in the market. A smallish issue in the lens assembly will render it useless and cost upwards of Rs. 5,000. It always makes financial sense to opt for protection plan
A humbling majority of cameras break down on their own over 3-4 years. Especially a camera which is used outdoors more often. Data suggests that on an average about 15k is spent over a camera within 4 years. Why not pay just a small fraction of it, and be happy.
Our Warranty plans start on the day after the manufacturer's warranty expires. If the brand warranty expires on 20 May 2016, our warranty starts on 21 May 2016, such that your camera is always covered.
NOW! Do not delay it. Ideally an extended warranty should be purchased within 3 months of buying the camera. The more you delay, the more complicated it becomes. TIll one day something breaks and you realise, you are not covered under warranty.
We cover cameras which have been purchased only in India. We will cover such cameras if they go bust in any part of the world! A few features like pick and drop may not be available in such cases. You will need to get the camera repaired, and we will reimburse you. Please get in touch with us at help@onsite.co.in, or you can chat with us on Whatsapp or call us on 9920599206 and we will assist you further.
Click here to raise a service request or send “Hi” on WhatsApp and share what's wrong with the camera. We will raise a request, get the camera picked up, repaired and delivered to you !
While we will be sorry to see you cancel the plan, we can certainly refund the plan within 30 days, provided you have not already filed a Service Request.
No matter how safely you keep your DSLR, the camera lens is bound to catch dust. You can buy a cleaning kit that comes with a blower, brush, microfibre cloth and cleansing fluid to clean your DSLR camera lens. You can also use lens tissues to avoid any scratches on the lens.Read More
To ensure the safety of the pictures the memory card holds, you should avoid touching the contact areas of the card. Turn off the camera before inserting or removing the card and take special care when inserting CompactFlash cards, as they are very sensitive.
Manufacturer's update firmware to fix any bugs and enhance features. To benefit from these updates, it's important that you download the new firmware files from the manufacturer's website and install them on your camera.
If the device cannot be repaired due to unavailability of spare parts, Onsitego will provide you with a new or refurbished
Onsitego’s Extended Warranty offers a comprehensive, hassle-free service plan which presents a one-stop solution for all post-purchase worries. In a nutshell, the services plan features: An end to end support for all customer needs, including maintenance, software, and hardware troubleshooting, coordinating warranty requests, and carrying out complete repairs (including service costs and spare parts etc) of gadgets and appliances, which is not generally provided in a typical Digital Camera insurance plan. With a "No Questions Asked" policy as to how the device broke down, or insistence of producing the original Invoice. Numerous other unique service features, such as free pick up and drop services, device tracking, etc. After buying this service plan, you can leave all your device worries to Onsitego - Once you report an issue, Onsitego’s reliable technology platform, and wide network of experts manage the entire customer experience, including all repairs at their end.


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