No matter how safely you keep your DSLR, the camera lens is bound to catch dust. It’s something that’s inevitable even when you don’t take your camera out very often.

It’s fine if the body gets dirty, but the lenses are delicate and should be kept away from tiny particles like dust. If you see such particles on the lens, you must clean it for longevity and best performance.

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We tell you how to keep your camera and lenses clean

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    1. Buy a cleaning kit that comes with a blower, brush, microfibre cloth and cleansing fluid. These are essential and highly recommended for cleaning your lens.

    2. The process of cleaning the lens is quite easy as long as you use the right tools to clean the lens.Grab a micro fibre cleaning cloth or lens tissues to avoid any scratches on the lens. This will help remove smudges, oil and dust from the lens.

    3. Apart from dust and oil if you see some grit on it, use a brush or a blower to remove the grit before you wipe the lens. Once done, add some cleaning fluid to the cloth and wipe the lens with light pressure. Ensure the cloth/tissue is unused and clean.


    1. Use a UV filter to cover the lens for longevity
    2. Avoid leaving the lens open when not in use
    3. Use a brush with thin bristles to clean the inside and a blower to clean the outside

    Cost And Availability

    The given lens cleaning gear can be found at any camera store. Do not go for the cheaper ones. Instead, do your research and accordingly buy a kit. A good kit will cost you anywhere between Rs 500 – Rs 800, which includes a blower, cotton swabs, microfibre cloth, brush and a cleaning solution.

    – Contributed by Sudhanshu Singh

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