Check Samsung Warranty Status Online

Check Samsung Warranty Status Online

Are you here to check the Samsung warranty status of your device? We are here to help you in knowing how you can do that. Most Samsung devices, including Galaxy smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, TVs, monitors, and more, come with a standard one-year brand warranty, and if they get defective or malfunction, you can get Samsung devices repaired for free at the company’s official service centres. You can easily know if your Samsung device is under warranty by checking the product’s purchase date from the bill or purchase receipt and calculating its warranty expiry date. But what happens when you lose your bill and you don’t remember the purchase date? Well, you don’t need to worry too much as you can check your Samsung product’s warranty status online.

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How To Do A Samsung Warranty Status Check Online?

To check your Samsung device’s warranty status online, you need to have the device’s serial number (or IMEI in case of smartphones or tablets) handy with you. All you need to do is follow the steps explained below:

Step 1: Open a web browser on your computer, smartphone, or tablet, and navigate to this webpage:

Step 2: If you already have a Samsung account registered, click on the ‘Sign In’ button. If you do not have a registered Samsung account, click on ‘Create An Account.’

Step 3: Once you sign in to your Samsung account, you can see your Samsung product listed under ‘My Products List’. If you don’t see your device listed on the webpage, click on ‘Register My Product’ and enter your Samsung device’s IMEI or serial number into the text field to register it.

Step 4: Now, click on ‘Warranty Information’ under the product’s name. A pop-up menu will open which displays until when your product warranty is valid.

Step 5: You can request for support or book an appointment by clicking on ‘Request For Support’ or ‘Book An Appointment’ if you need to get your device checked. You can also extend the product’s warranty by clicking on the ‘Register Warranty Pack’ directly from the webpage.

Why Should You Extend Your Samsung Device Warranty?

Mobile Phone Extended Warranty Onsitego

As mentioned earlier, most Samsung smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, TVs, and laptops come with a standard one-year warranty, and when the product breaks down after the warranty period, it can get pretty costly to get it repaired. You can easily stay away from such unforeseen expenses by extending its warranty period, and you can do that by buying Onsitego’s Extended Warranty Plan for Samsung Galaxy phones, Samsung Galaxy Tab devices, Samsung smart TVs, Samsung home theatres and soundbars, and Samsung home appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines.

You can extend the warranty of Samsung smartphones, tablets, TVs, and soundbars by an additional two years. For Samsung refrigerators and washing machines, you can extend the warranty by up to an additional four years. Onsitego Extended Warranty Plans cover all the defects and malfunctions that are usually covered in Samsung’s standard one-year brand warranty. Moreover, it comes with additional benefits such as pick-up and drop.

Why Should You Buy Onsitego Extended Warranty Plan For Your Samsung Device?

There are various reasons as to why you should trust Onsitego and get its Extended Warranty plan for your Samsung smartphone, tablet, smart TV, soundbar, refrigerator, and washing machine. But most importantly, Onsitego Extended Warranty Plans cover all the defects and malfunctions that are covered by Samsung’s standard one-year brand warranty. On top of that, there are additional benefits such as our ‘No Questions Asked’ repair policy, a completely paperless process, and a free pick-up and drop service at your doorstep.

  • Extends device warranty by up to 2 years for Samsung smartphones, tablets, TVs, and audio systems (and soundbars).
  • Covers breakdowns, defects, and malfunctions.
  • Completely paperless process.
  • ‘No Questions Asked’ repair policy.
  • Free pick-up and drop service at your doorstep.

Q. Will I get all the details related to my Samsung device using the Samsung Warranty Check tool?

A. Yes, you get all the details related to your Samsung device using the Samsung Warranty Check tool online. It shows your Samsung device name, serial number or IMEI number, purchase date, warranty status, and the last date of the warranty period.

Q. Is Samsung Warranty Check applicable on all Samsung devices?

A. Samsung Warranty Check is applicable for almost all Samsung devices.

Q. Do I have to register my Samsung device online before doing a Samsung Warranty Check?

A. Yes, you need to register your Samsung device online before you can do a Samsung Warranty Status check. You can register your Samsung device via the same webpage that is mentioned above.

Q. What do I do after a Samsung Warranty Check if the warranty has expired?

A. If the Samsung Warranty Check webpage says that your device warranty has expired, you can extend its warranty by buying Onsitego Extended Warranty Plan from our website.

Q. How reliable is the Samsung Warranty Check?

A. Samsung Warranty Check webpage is 100% accurate and reliable as it is an official tool created by Samsung for its customers.

Q. Does the Samsung Warranty Check give information about Samsung devices purchased in India or abroad?

A. Yes, the Samsung Warranty Check webpage offers information about Samsung devices, no matter where they were purchased from.

Q. Will OnsiteGo repair my Samsung device if it was purchased in India but breaks down while I’m travelling abroad?

A. Currently, Onsitego offers repair services across India. If your device was purchased in India but breaks down while you were travelling abroad, you can get it repaired once you’re back in India.

Q. Does the OnsiteGo plan cover everything that the Samsung Warranty Check shows online?

A. Yes, Onsitego Extended Warranty Plan covers everything that is usually covered by Samsung’s standard one-year warranty for smartphones, tablets, TVs, audio systems, washing machines, and refrigerators.

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