Plans of relocating to Mumbai soon or moving in for a few months? If yes, here are 5 apps you must have on your phone…

1. M-Indicator

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Local trains are the life of this city and one of the fastest transport route available. But the app isn’t limited to just trains. It also shares information about the fares – bus fare and its various pickup and drops stops, details about express trains and their routes across India, etc. Not just that, the app is also designed keeping women’s safety in mind. When in need they can open the security app and send a text to the Railway Protection Force (RPF).

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    2. Amazon Prime Now

    This is an online grocery shopping app that detects your present location and gets your grocery delivered at your doorstep, as per your requirements. It’s a one-stop-shop for all your grocery needs. They make sure that the deliverables are sent to you within a couple of hours.

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    3. The Times Of India

    The Times of India app keeps you updated about the recent on-goings, while you are on the go. From climate to the government to entertainment, TOI provides you with an instant update on everything that is happening around you. With articles, brief news updates and videos, TOI helps you to stay updated with the latest news without consuming much of your time, which is why you must have this app on your phone.

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    4. Zomato

    There’s clearly no better app than Zomato, to surf through the city’s best cuisines and restaurants online. So, if there’s a day when you feel too lazy to cook, you could just surf through Zomato and get some delicious food delivered at your doorstep.

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    5. Uber

    Lost in a place where you can’t figure out how to find your way to your destination? Uber Cabs are available 24/7 to help you reach your destination, at any hour of the day. Uber also helps you with a ‘track your ride and share your ride details’ option, where you can’t only track your whereabouts but you can also send your ride details to your personal contacts. That way, you and your loved ones know that you are safe.

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