Google, at the CES 2022, announced that users will be getting two new cross-device features, which would enable smart audio source switching and would allow Chromebooks to access your smartphone’s messaging apps. Google is working towards refining the compatibility between Android and Chrome OS. 

Google says that it will roll out the functionality that will allow Android and Chrome OS to predict the device preferred for audio or calls, and connect to the correct source intelligently, in a couple of months. Say, for instance, your wireless earphones are connected to your Chromebook and you get a call on your Android smartphone; the earphones will instantly disconnect from it and will establish a connection with your phone. Some earphones already have the function to connect to various sources simultaneously, Google will probably work around this technology to implement its smart audio switching feature.

Talking about the next feature, you will be able to access and reply to the messages that you get on your Android phone more conveniently on your Chromebook. Currently, the Phone Hub allows the Chrome OS to read and reply to conversations from WhatsApp, but it is very limited when it comes to some other third-party apps. Google will look to make all the major instant messaging services compatible with this feature. 

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    It appears as though Google has taken a leaf out of Apple’s book to bring cross-device functionality to Android and Chromebooks. The company is also pushing developers to optimise Android apps for Chrome OS. More users are switching to the Chrome OS-driven Chromebooks for their lightweight nature, outstanding battery life, and affordability. Google wants to develop a refined ecosystem for its users and hence wants to leave no stone unturned. 

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