You wanted the best. Well, you’re soon going to get it. Asus has unveiled its newest gaming smartphone, the ROG Phone 2, and it’s shaping up to be the device of the year for every PUBG fan. But India prices (or availability) haven’t been announced yet, so what do you do if you want a gaming phone right now? Here’s why we’ve come up with a list of smartphones you can go out and buy now.


Some are special ‘gaming phones’ and some are flagships that excel at everything.


The Asus ROG Phone 2 has unbelievable specs

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    This is what you get in the ROG Phone 2: Qualcomm’s upcoming Snapdragon 855 Plus (faster than the 855 you find in flagships like the OnePlus 7 Pro), which is paired with 12GB RAM and up to a whopping 512GB (USF 3.0) storage (could embarrass some fancy laptops).


    A 120Hz display!

    Then, there is a crazy 6.59-inch AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate – that doesn’t just beat the 60Hz displays most phones offer, but even the 90Hz display in the OnePlus 7 Pro. The display panel also meets HDR 10 specs, and Asus says its 49ms touch response time is the lowest you’ll find in a phone. All this tech needs loads of power, so there’s a 6000mAh battery. One small detail gamers will love is the second USB Type-C port on the side of the phone – this is to make charging easier during gameplay (and makes space for accessories).  Wait, we aren’t done – the ROG Phone 2 also has shoulder triggers and a special cooling system! And if you love your gaming devices to look like gaming devices, you’ll appreciate the customizable RGB lighting system at the back.

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    Fun accessories

    Asus has also unveiled a new series of accessories for this new monster of theirs – an active cooling fan, a gamepad system, a TwinView display for double-screen gaming, and even a desktop dock if you’d rather hook it up to a monitor and mouse + keyboard.


    The complete package?

    Other stuff is all flagship-level – under-display fingerprint sensor, a 24MP camera for selfies, a 48MP main camera, a 13MP wide-angle camera, dual nano SIMs, high-res audio support with dual speakers, 30W fast charging, IPX4 splash resistance…

    But you can’t go buy the ROG Phone 2 yet. Consumers in China should be the first to get the phone (in August), with prices reportedly starting at the equivalent of Rs 36, 000, and going up to Rs 60, 000 for the fully-loaded variant.  As for when you can buy the phone in India, you might have to wait till September.


    Can’t wait? Here are some gaming phones you can go out and buy right away

    You don’t have to wait for the ROG Phone 2, you know. Here’s our pick of gaming phones that will keep your frame rate hunger satisfied for a while:

    Xiaomi Black Shark 2 (from Rs 39,999)
    Xiaomi Black Shark 2
    Xiaomi’s got their own gaming flagship – the Black Shark 2 – which uses the Snapdragon 855 processor and comes with either 6GB or 12GB RAM. There’s also a 6.39-inch AMOLED display, a liquid cooling system, a 4000mAh battery, and a 48MP main camera. The display is ‘only’ a 60Hz part, so that’s a letdown, but don’t worry if you’re a Xiaomi fan as the upcoming Black Shark 2 Pro should come with a fancier screen.

    Nubia Red Magic 3 (from Rs 35,999)
    Nubia Red Magic 3
    Available in 8GB and 12GB variants, the Nubia Black Magic 3 sticks to a familiar template (as far as flagship gaming devices are concerned). As you’d expect, there’s a Snapdragon 855, a 5000mAh battery, a 6.6 inch AMOLED display with a 90Hz refresh, DTS:X audio, shoulder triggers and a liquid cooling system that’s backed by a ‘turbo’ fan!

    Asus ROG Phone (Rs 69,999)
    Asus ROG Phone
    The original ROG Phone might not be the latest gizmo on the market, but that doesn’t make it any less of a killer device. A Snapdragon 845, 8GB RAM, a 90Hz HDR display, shoulder triggers, dual front speakers, 24-bit audio, 30W USB-PD / QC4.0 quick charging and ‘3D Vapor’ liquid cooling all add up to a pretty sweet package. Unfortunately, it’s priced a fair bit higher than what we’d have liked, but still, some buyers might not mind paying extra for the ROG brand.

    Razer Phone 2 ($459.99)
    Razer Phone 2
    Unfortunately, it’s not sold through official channels in India, but we do have to mention it (in case, you have cousins flying over!). It’s got a 5.7-inch, 120Hz display with a 1440×2560 resolution and a Snapdragon 845. Other specs are also pretty neat: IP67 water resistance, a 24-bit DAC for hi-res audio, Dolby Atmos, and even wireless charging.


    Other great choices for gamers

    You don’t have to go for a ‘gaming’ smartphone – the current flagship pack in enough power to keep you happy. Here’s the pick of the bunch:

    iPhone XS Max (from Rs 1,09,000)
    iPhone XS Max
    Apple fans don’t have to feel left out. The XS Max gives you top-notch game-ready hardware coupled with a slick OS. There’s a 6.5-inch Super Retina AMOLED display that’s amazingly sharp (458 ppi), the fantastic A12 Bionic processor, and 4GB RAM (more than enough given how efficiently iOS uses RAM). iOS also gets some cool new indie games, so this might be a good choice for a lot of gamers who want to venture beyond the big hits.

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    OnePlus 7 Pro (from Rs 48,999)
    OnePlus 7 Pro
    The hottest Android phone of the year, the OP 7 Pro is an all-rounder. Up top 12GB RAM, the Snapdragon 855, and its 90Hz QHD + display make this a very smart buy for the gamer. It also wins bonus points for OxygenOS, which is perhaps the best flavour of Android out there.

    Xiaomi Poco F1 (from Rs 17,999)
    Xiaomi Poco F1
    It might be last year’s model but the Poco F1 is still a fantastic performer. Thanks to the Snapdragon 845 (and up to 8GB RAM). It’s also known for its good cameras, and just look at that price! Excellent value for sure.

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