4K Processor X1™

The 4K Processor X1™ brings stunning picture quality to whatever you’re watching. Every source is intelligently analysed and enhanced to near 4K resolution, from TV broadcasts, Blu-ray Discs, DVDs, or even 4K internet videos. You’ll enjoy incredible 4K images with stunning clarity, more lifelike colours and sparkling contrast.

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What this means for you: Sony’s 4K Processor X1™ delivers Sony’s best-ever picture quality in terms of clarity, colour and contrast irrespective of the source, upscaling both SD and HD content to near-4K quality.


Combined with 4K Ultra HD resolution, HDR video content delivers exceptional detail, colour and contrast, with a far wider range of brightness than other video formats. The result is the most lifelike picture that TV has ever been able to create, with brilliant highlights and fine detail.

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What this means for you: The extra resolution offered by 4K combines with the benefits of a high dynamic range to keep every bit of the picture in almost realistic detail and accuracy in terms of colour, brightness and highlights.


Bass Reflex Speaker

This feature delivers excellent low-end sound for a more engaging experience in movies, sport and music. An isolated box design gives better sound reproduction, with punchy bass that does not compromise on detail and clarity.

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What this means for you: The low (or deep) frequency, pitch and range of sound is robust but the design of Sony’s speakers ensures that there is consistency in bass reproduction without any interference in detail and clarity. So what you get is a clear, yet impressive bass delivery.   

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Backlight Master Drive™

The Backlight Master Drive™ can display an unprecedented dynamic range with incredibly deep black and dazzling lights, powered by the 4K HDR Processor X1™ Extreme. This backlight system has an ultra-dense LED structure, a unique local dimming algorithm and optical design.

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What this means for you: The Backlight Master Drive™ delivers deeper black and brighter lights. Previously hidden details come to life, making scenes more real than ever before.


Clear Audio+

ClearAudio+ brings together a number of cutting-edge music technologies to fine-tune your aural experience, irrespective of what you are watching on TV.

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What this means for you: Sony employs a number of innovations to make audio sound impressive, no matter what you are watching, so your experience is more immersive whether you are watching movies or even a TV show or sports.

Clear Phase Audio

Clear Phase Audio analyses and samples speaker frequency response, then uses this information to digitally tune sound output. The result is lifelike audio with separation and clarity.

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What this means for you: With Clear Phase™ technology, Sony optimizes the soundstage to make the music feel as though it’s coming from a stage right in front of you. Every instrument is located in its proper place, and vocals are clarified instead of lost behind distorted sound, so you hear clear nuances on the audio.

Cinematic S-Force Front Surround

See S-Force Front Surround PRO below.

Clear Resolution Enhancer

With Clear Resolution Enhancer, you enjoy accurate reproduction of fine details and textures, even in flat image areas. Crisper, clearer images also benefit from heightened contrast that boosts the perception of on-screen depth, without sacrificing black saturation.

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What this means for you: This is a poorer cousin of X-Reality PRO but still manages to enhance details, textures and colours while also improving contrast for better depth.


Dual Acoustic Duct Subwoofer

This external speaker creates a more satisfying soundtrack for musicals, action movies and more, with clear dialogue joined by solid, satisfying bass you can really feel. The speaker sits behind the TV, or hangs discreetly below when wall-mounted.

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What this means for you: An additional external speaker is discreetly placed behind the TV or below it if it is wall-mounted to enhance audio quality and deepen the bass.

Digital Sound Enhancement™ Engine (DSEE™)

Low-resolution Internet video, catch-up TV and other heavily compressed audio files don’t always sound so great. A large amount of information gets thrown away when digital audio is compressed. With Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) technology, lost frequency components (especially high frequencies) are restored for natural sound with a more spacious feel.  

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What this means for you: Lossy music files (like MP3s)  are missing vital information from the audio’s original recording file. On the other hand, High-Resolution Audio file formats (such as FLAC and WAV) are created with lossless compression that allows the original data from a recording to be reconstructed almost perfectly by a class of algorithms. DSEE™ Technology upscales your existing sound source (those lossy MP3s or AACs) to near high-resolution sound quality. This means that the technology injects more life into your music by upscaling compressed files. So it restores the subtleties of the original song recording and simulates the sound of live performance.


Google Cast™

The built-in Google Cast™ allows users to easily cast their favourite content from their smartphone, tablet (Android, iOS) and laptop PC (Windows) directly onto the large Sony TV screen. Users can also multi-task and operate actions such as check SNS, web and more with their Smartphones.

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What this means for you: You can use this to send (or ‘cast’) entertainment and apps from your phone, tablet or computer to your TV or even browse the web with your smartphone on your TV.


IR Blaster

The Infra-red (IR) Blaster lets you control other devices in your home from your Sony TV remote. You can use it to control your set-top box (cable box). Once connected, you can control your streaming box by using one remote controller.

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What this means for you: Instead of juggling multiple remotes, you can use your Sony TV remote to control other devices such as your set top box.


Magnetic Fluid Speakers

Because they use innovative Magnetic Fluid instead of a traditional damper, these speakers are remarkably slim and compact. Better still, they produce a full range of crisp, distortion-free sound. The perfect way to enjoy High-Resolution Audio sources.

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What this means for you: In conventional speakers, dampers provide suspension for voice coils, which move up and down. Eliminating dampers can boost energy efficiency significantly, and Sony speakers with fluid suspension consume about 35% less energy than regular speakers, at a volume of 2 dB. Fluid suspension also improves sound quality considerably. In conventional speakers, diaphragms are suspended on dampers which generate secondary sound pressure that may cause distortion. This sound pressure is not generated by a damperless, fluid suspension. Additionally, the pathway from the voice coil to the diaphragm can be shortened, which helps minimize transmission loss. As a result, these speakers offer clear, extended mids and highs.

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Mobile Hi-Definition Link

MHL — short of Mobile High-Definition Link — is a way to connect a growing list of smartphones, tablets, and other various devices to your compatible Sony HDTVs. The standard takes smartphone and tablet content to another level, allowing you to showcase 8K video and astounding surround sound with a single cord. Said cable, which features a microUSB port compatible with nearly all smartphones and tablets, plugs into what essentially looks like an auxiliary HDMI port.

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What this means for you: For those without cable or Internet, an MHL connection essentially turns your HDTV into a full-blown entertainment center with one simple plug-in. Besides excellent resolution and sound, MHL offers a zero-lag, seamless connection from mobile devices to TVs.

Motionflow™ XR

This innovative technology creates and inserts extra frames between the original ones. It compares key visual factors on successive frames, then calculates the split second of missing action in the sequences. Some models also include black-frame insertion for a blur-free and truly cinematic look.

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What this means for you: When you have a film that is filmed at 24 Hz, there are two different ways to put it on a 120-Hz television set. One is to show each frame five times. The other, which is what Sony MotionFlow does, is to create frames that represent averages of the two frames and show them in the intervals between the two original frames. Doing this creates a smoother and more natural appearance.



An app from Sony that offers uninterrupted TV viewing experience. Customers can download Notify BRAVIA app from Google Play Store on their smartphones. This allows the TV to notify the user if he gets a call, sms, email or any other notification on the smartphone. The additional privacy setting makes this feature even more unique as viewers can control the information they want to display on their TV screens.  

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What this means for you: Your TV can now connect to your smartphone to receive any call, sms, email or other notification on the screen, and it gives you the choice to display or hide the content from the TV screen.


One-Flick Entertainment

This App allows customers to access content quickly and intuitively without any disturbance while watching TV. Users can simply flick to find TV & internet videos, apps, photos and other content, quickly and intuitively. They can find their favourite content instantly with quick TV start-up and speedy app launch.  

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What this means for you: Even when you are watching the TV, you can search for and find TV & internet videos, apps, photos and other content, quickly and intuitively with a flick in case if you want to move on to it from the existing content.


Photo Share

Share photos through BRAVIA, and let your friends save their favourites. Wireless transfers are quick and stable over your network. Photos can be shared at its original size, including 4K, with your Android or iOS smartphones. There’s no internet connection and no apps needed.

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What this means for you: Wi-Fi direct creates a direct link between your TV and your mobile devices or computer to share media files on the big screen.


S-Force Front Surround PRO

S-Force Front Surround PRO gives the impression of three-dimensional surround sound so you have a 360° surround sound experience.

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What this means for you: Even without elaborate speaker systems, you will get the impression of surround sound with Sony’s S-Force Front Surround PRO technology so it feels like the sound is coming from focused points around you, like it would in a home theatre system.

 Slim Backlight Drive™

This feature uses a grid-array edge-mounted system rather than a back-lighting system that distributes the backlighting source precisely to each different region of the screen. As content plays, the screen is able to recognise high contrast areas and dynamically adjust the backlight, highlighting blacks and making other colours comparatively more vivid, a process called ‘local dimming’, but taken to a relatively new degree of precision and light isolation.

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What this means for you: The blacks appear punchy, with loads of shadows, while there is balanced brightening of the lit-up parts of the image, with minimal blooming, so the picture you see is more realistic and immersive. And this is done while keeping the TV very slim in keeping with prevalent consumer preference.

Serial AbTak

Sony’s Catch-Up TV app allows viewers to watch their favourite TV serials anytime from a wide variety of National & Regional channels. One can create a personalised playlist by adding serials as favourites for quick access. The feature also allows easy navigation to watch serials by channel, episode or even language.

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What this means for you: You can ‘bookmark’ your favourite serials and sort serials by channel, episode or even language by creating a customised playlist.

Screen Mirroring

“Screen mirroring” is a function to display the screen of a mobile device on the TV by Miracast technology. The TV can be connected directly with a screen mirroring compatible device (e.g. smartphone, PC). You can enjoy the display screen of the device on your large TV screen. No wireless router (or access point) is required to use this feature.

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What this means for you: You can see the contents on the screen of your mobile device on your TV screen by setting up screen mirroring and without the use of any external router or access point.


Triluminous™ Display

Unique to Sony, a Triluminos™ Display enriches your viewing experience with a wider palette of colours and more natural shades and hues. A Triluminos Display excels at reproducing reds, greens and blues — colours that are notoriously difficult for TVs to display accurately. It also displays skin tones beautifully, thanks to its extensive colour palette and precise gradation.

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What this means for you: Developed by Sony’s engineers, Triluminos technology allows the TV to exhibit more colours thereby displaying images in a more vivid manner. For instance, the greens appear greener and the reds appear redder. In other words, the Triluminos display provides a colour gamut that is 50 percent larger than the ones offered by the conventional LCD display panels.


Voice Search

Voice function on Android TV allows users to not only search for content across different services but also answer general questions using the most sophisticated search engine from Google. Customers can command their TV so they can spend less time browsing and more time watching. The Voice Search feature is available through a remote equipped with a microphone.

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What this means for you: Much like using Voice Search on your computer or phone, you can use voice recognition on your TV via a a remote equipped with a microphone to search for content and do a Google search.

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X-tended Dynamic Range 

With higher peaks and deeper blacks, the backlighting algorithm gives a brightness range three times wider than a standard LED TV. By minimizing light leakage and managing backlight levels for each screen area, X-tended Dynamic Range™ PRO can capture wider extremes of light on screen.

Sony TV Glossary

What this means for you: Every scene is more brilliant, and each gradation gets more detail, more colour and heightened realism. Backlighting is closely monitored to give an enhanced perception of blacks vis-a-vis whites, for a more immersive viewing experience.

X-Protection PRO

Advanced protection shields your TV against electrical surges, while a primary capacitor protects against unstable electricity. An anti-humidity coating on the circuit board prevents short-circuits caused by high moisture.

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What this means for you: Your TV is guarded against electrical surges and fluctuations and even high humidity in the air.

X-Reality Engine

X-Reality image processing technique splits the signal sent to the display into various components such as colour, contrast, outline and texture. Each of these components is analysed and processed individually to make sure that the end result is the sharpest, clearest and most attractive.

Sony TV Glossary

What this means for you: This is an image processing tech responsible for enhancing the quality of the content displayed on the screen. This technology actually makes the images appear sharper than before by minimising the noise, improving the contrast and fine tuning the saturation to desired levels.

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