After the long and sultry summer, the monsoon has finally hit Mumbai with a big bang! The respite from the heat is welcome, but you also dread getting caught up in the unceremonious situation with the heavy downpour, inundated roads and choc-a-block traffic. While you worry about reaching your destination on time, another thing that nags you is how to protect your new smartphone from chaos.

Leaving the phone home is an unthinkable option especially because this is when you might need it the most with trains running late, streets getting flooded and the torrential deluge making it difficult to find your way to a safe haven.

So, here are simple ways to keep your phones safe and dry this monsoon:

Quintessential plastic bags, ziplock cases and waterproof pouches

Your biggest battle as you make your way through the flurry is how to keep your phone dry which means you cannot thrust it in your pocket or handbag where it may get soaked. Your quickest refuge is waterproof pouches and ziplock bags. They are easily available in the market in vivid colours and vibrant designs. You can also shop online for universal waterproof mobile phone pouches or you can go for a touch-sensitive transparent plastic cover that protects your phone even if you use it on the go while it is pouring. More importantly, their prices won’t burn a hole in your pockets. Universal mobile pouches that suit all phone types and screen sizes are available at prices ranging from Rs 160 to 350/- per pouch. Safeseed, Tarkan, Celebration, Aeoss are a few brands you could choose from.

But if you do not want to buy any of these, all you can do is simply keep a plastic bag handy. When are you are caught offguard in the rain, you can just put your phone in the bag and then put it away safely inside your handbag or rucksack. Adding some silica gel packets to your phone pouch or plastic bag also does the trick since they absorb moisture.

Go for a Bluetooth device or simply go hands-free

It is best to keep your phone safely inside your bag when it is raining heavily since the moisture may wreak havoc in it if you keep using it constantly in the rain. But sometimes, a call is too important and taking it is unavoidable. In such cases, go for a Bluetooth headset or headphones. A Bluetooth set may cost a little more than a regular headphone though the former guarantees better protection for your phone. You can choose from the wide range offered at any popular electronics store or shop online.

Get that latest model of waterproof smartphone

The downside here is that these models, unfortunately, do not come cheap, but they can be your best bet to deal with the heavy rain when it comes to protecting your phone. You can also go for water-resistant brands. They may be dearer, but you can take your pick from the options that suit your budget and go tension-free the whole monsoon.

Mobile Extended Warranty


Damage protection (DP) – your answer for monsoon blues

Ensure that you choose and activate a damage protection pack for your phone during the time of purchase as a panacea for monsoon troubles. Under a Damage Protection plan you will get extensive coverage for the physical and liquid damage to mobile screens as well as touchpads. A damage protection pack on your phone can prove to be a big boon in emergencies. Be sure to choose a service provider that will collect your phone, repair it and drop it back at your doorstep. You can buy a damage protection pack online as well. OnsiteGo, Tata AIG and a few others offer such services. There are options such as “no questions asked” program offering service whether the damage is accidental or not. And if your phone is beyond repair, some promise replacement for free, so you are sorted.

The worst happens…

So you have put in your best foot forward to protect your phone and yet the inevitable has happened. Your phone is wet even as you go in a tizzy to save yourself from the heavy showers. What you can do is switch off your phone and pull out its battery. Keep the phone and its parts submerged in a bowl filled with rice or silica gel pouches so the moisture is absorbed. Leave it there for at least 24 hours. A word of caution: never charge a wet phone because it can be dangerous!

You must remember that you may not be able to keep your phone away for too long, but you need to take extra caution especially during the rains. Try these easy steps and stay hassle-free this monsoon!


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