Nvidia, best known for its graphics cards, has also been selling Android TV boxes under the ‘Shield’ branding for some time. The Shield TV products have gone through various generations since their inception, but Nvidia has now announced that all the models will get the Android TV 11 update. Meaning the first Shield TV model from 2015 will also get the update. Nvidia is pushing out the updates now. But, before you update let us have a look at what changes it brings to the table. 

Nvidia Shield TV Android 11 Update Features

Nvidia’s Shield TV devices have been running on Android 9 for quite some time now. The shift to Android TV 11 is expected to bring some incremental changes, if not a major overhaul. 

The new update is branded as ‘Shield Experience 9.0’ and Nvidia says it will come with all the goodness of the Android 11 TV. The update brings the September 2021 security patch. It adds supports for aptX driven wireless Bluetooth headsets. Bluetooth devices will now be automatically disconnected if they are in sleep mode. You will be able to type efficiently as it comes with the Gboard keyboard option. Shield TV devices will now be able to match the audio quality of the content being watched. The home screen will continue with the new ‘Discover’ layout, which was updated a couple of months ago.

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    The update also brings the Stadia button to the Shield TV devices. It will support Xbox, Playstation, Shield, Nintendo Switch Pro, and Steam controllers. Want to save some power? It has added a new energy saver option. You can also expect TLS 1.3 support and peer-to-peer Wi-Fi connections. Apart from these nifty little features, the new update also brings some bug fixes, which should bring refinement to the overall UI.

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