After quitting the audio gear space in 2019, PC peripheral brand NZXT is making a comeback with a new USB microphone. Dubbed the Capsule, this USB mic is meant for gamers and content creators. According to NZXT, the Capsule is easy to set up and offers “high-quality audio”. This mic will compete with similar products from Blue, HyperX, JBL, Razer, Rode, and other audio brands.

NZXT Capsule Features, Specifications

The NZXT Capsule’s design seems inspired by Blue’s Yeti mic. It has a clean design with a bold dual-tone finish. For those looking for a completely subtle look, it is also available in an all-black version. The mic is made from aluminium and ABS shell. The Capsule can easily connect with any boom arm.

Unlike conventional mics, the Capsule doesn’t require you to set up an audio interface to turn instrument signal into a format that your computer can work with. NZXT is so confident about its product’s user-friendliness that it states, “we wanted to make it so plug-and-play, a monkey could use it.

The mic has a frequency response range of 20Hz – 20KHz. It has a sample rate of 96KHz and a bit-depth of 24 bits. As per the press material, the Capsule has a cardioid polar pattern. It is designed to pick sounds from the front and sides but not from the rear. Moreover, it is tuned to focus on speech, so you don’t have to worry about your mechanical keyboard’s clattering or AC’s whirring noise.

The mic’s grille is marked with the best position to speak into. It comes with dedicated knobs for fine-tuning the volume output and sound quality. To get around the distortions caused by plosives such as P and B, NZXT has baked in a pop filter.

NZXT Capsule Price, Availability

The NZXT Capsule price is $129.99 in the US. It comes with an optional Boom Arm that will set you back for an additional $99.99. As of this writing, the company hasn’t shared any information regarding the Capsule’s India launch.

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