OnePlus has hiked the price of the OnePlus TV Y1 and the OnePlus TV U1S in India once again. The company has quietly increased the prices of some Y1 and U1S TV models by up to ₹2,500 and up to ₹7,000, respectively. The reason for this price hike is believed to be a combination of the ongoing global chip shortage, an increase in the prices of the open-cell display panels, and an increased import cost. Because of these issues, several companies are increasing the prices of their TVs in the Indian market over the past few weeks.

OnePlus TV U1S, Y1 Price Increased in India

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    OnePlus had launched the OnePlus TV Y1 in India in May 2021. The base variant of the OnePlus TV Y1 model with a 32-inch screen was launched in India for ₹12,999, and its price was first increased to ₹16,999. Now, this model is getting a price hike of ₹2,000. With this effective price hike, the new price of the TV is set to ₹18,999. The 40-inch version of the OnePlus TV Y1 was priced at ₹23,999, and after a price hike of ₹2,500, it now costs ₹26,499. The 43-inch OnePlus TV Y1 was launched with a price tag of ₹22,999, but its price was increased to ₹26,999. Now, the same TV costs ₹29,499.

    The OnePlus TV U1S series was launched in India in June 2021. The OnePlus TV U1S’ 50-inch model was launched with a price tag of ₹39,999. Now, after a price hike of ₹7,000, the same TV costs ₹46,999. The 55-inch and 65-inch versions of the OnePlus TV U1S were launched with price tags of ₹47,999 and ₹62,999, respectively. Now the new prices of these two TVs are ₹52,999 and ₹68,999, respectively.

    It’s not only OnePlus that is increasing the prices of its smart TVs. Earlier, even Xiaomi had confirmed that it will increase the prices of its smartphones and TVs in India by 3-6 percent from July 2021. Apart from OnePlus, Realme and TCL have also hiked the price of their TVs in India.

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