Samsung had launched its IntensiveWash dishwasher range in India towards the end of 2021. Samsung says it has developed the dishwashers keeping the Indian needs in mind. The dishwashers come in Stainless Steel Silver and White colour options along with a fingerprint-resistant finish that resists smudges and is easier to clean. Now, the company has announced that these dishwashers will be available at discounts and will offer cashback, no-cost EMI, and easy returns during the Amazon Great Republic Day Sale, which will be held from January 17 to January 20, 2022. 

Samsung IntensiveWash Dishwasher Discounts 

The Samsung IntensiveWash dishwasher in White and Stainless Steel Silver will be available at a discounted price of ₹35,990 and ₹38,990 and respectively during the Amazon Great Republic Day sale. The dishwashers were priced from ₹39,500 when these first launched in India. 

Also, you can buy the dishwasher at a no-cost EMI of ₹1,999 for a period of 18 months. There will be cashback offers as well. In case you don’t like the product for some reason, you can return the it as it is eligible for the ‘No Questions Asked’ return programme.  

Samsung IntensiveWash Dishwasher Features, Specifications

Samsung IntensiveWash Dishwasher Stainless Steel

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    The Samsung IntensiveWash dishwashers are built to clean Indian cookware such as cookers, kadhais, pans etc. to remove grease, leftover oil, and even burn stains. Samsung says that the new dishwashers come with a stainless steel tub, which provides durability, silent operation, and stays cleaner than conventional ones. It can handle much higher temperature washes and prevents the build-up of bad odours. The ‘Triple Rinse’ feature program washes the utensils at a temperature of 70-degree Celcius, which claims to kill 99.99% of bacteria. It comes with an auto release door, which automatically opens at the end of a cycle by about 10cm to allow steam to escape. This allows the utensils to dry faster. 

    The dishwasher comes with 13 place settings that can accommodate a large variety of dishes of different sizes in one wash cycle. You easily adjust the upper rack up and down to accommodate a large size kadhai or pans in the racks without scratching or hitting the upper rack.

    Samsung’s dishwasher lets you check the status, settings, remaining time and cycle progress at a glance, even from a distance owing to its large and wide easy to read LED display. Samsung says it has employed better insulation methods to bring ambient noises between 44dB to 52dB. The smart leakage sensor onboard stops the cycle, drains the water, and shows an error message if any leakage is detected. Samsung dishwashers come with Energy Star certification of European Energy Standards. They say it is equivalent to an A+++ rating.

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