2D Shower System

This adds dynamic movement to the water through nozzles and circulates the water 360° in the drum. When this happens, the detergent dissolves completely in the water so they penetrate your clothes better. During rinsing, freshwater penetrates deep into the clothes to wash off all traces of detergent. The clothes come out cleaner and fresher.

What this means for you: You get a cleaner wash every time because the water dissolves the detergent 100% for deeper penetration and during rinsing, all the detergent is thoroughly washed off by fresher water.

3D Wash System

This works a great deal like the 2D Shower System, except there are more nozzles so water enters the drum from three sides instead of two. The rest of the functioning is similar.

What this means for you: See 2D Shower System

4D Wash System

A more comprehensive wash system that uses a combination of dynamic water jets and showers from paddles so you can get the best possible wash with the complete soaking of clothes as well as optimal dissolving of detergent.

IFB Washing Machine

What this means for you: A system that improves upon the 3D Wash System to give you a cleaner, fresher clothes after every wash.

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Air Bubble Wash System

Millions of air bubbles get generated and released into the water. They penetrate deep into the cloth fibres, activate the detergent and help to release the most stubborn dirt molecules. The Air Bubble Wash System infuses freshness into clothes and ensures a perfect wash.

What this means for you: Yet another washing technique employed by IFB, generates air bubbles in the water so that they can go deeper into your clothes and activate the detergent against stubborn dirt molecules.

Aqua Energie

A built-in aqua filter treats hard water by breaking up the bicarbonates into bicrystals before it is released into the washing machine. These crystals are very minuscule and float with the water instead of forming crusts, so your clothes get only soft water and wash better. Also, scaling on machine components is reduced.

IFB Washing Machine

What this means for you: Your clothes are only washed in water that has been softened so they wash better without any hard water staining. Plus, the internal components of the machine are more durable because there is no hard water to form crusts on them.

Auto Imbalance System

When there is an unbalanced load in the washing machine, it redistributes to evenly distribute the load inside the drum. During this process, the washing machine will start and stop during rotation cycles as it balances the load.

What this means for you: The washing machine balances the load on its own, so there are no error messages and the entire operation is carried out efficiently.

Anti Allergen

Removes lint and hair from your clothes while washing them, giving you fresh, clean, lint-free clothes that help prevent allergies.

What this means for you: Fresher, cleaner, allergen-free clothes after every wash.

Aqua Spa Therapy

This shakes even the most stubborn stains to loosen dirt molecules and rinse them away in a manner that is gentle on your clothes.

What this means for you: Your clothes receive a gentle treatment in spite of an aggressive wash inside the machine, so there is no damage to them and the wash is thorough. 

Auto Softener Dispenser

For delicate laundry that needs a fabric softener, IFB has an auto dispenser for softeners so your clothes can get the softening treatment before the wash.

IFB Washing Machine

What this means for you: Your delicates receive the softener automatically when you add softener to the special dispenser so there is no damage to them.

Extended Warranty


Ball Valve Technology

In most washing machines, the detergent simply gets washed away when water enters the drum and it is not used in the wash cycle. However, IFB”s ball valve technology makes sure the detergent is correctly dosed into the machine so there is no wastage.

What this means for you: The detergent you add into your IFB washing machine is dispensed correctly so it does not wash away when water enters the drum. This means that your clothes receive adequate detergent for a proper wash.

Bleach Dispenser

For clothes that need bleaching, the Bleach Dispenser adds liquid bleach to the drum for optimum distribution.

What this means for you: The bleach dispenser is a handy way to add bleach to your clothes inside the washing machine during the wash cycle instead of adding it separately after the wash.

Biaxial Clothes Rotation

Clothes rotate horizontally but tumble vertically to give a clean 360° wash.

IFB Washing Machine

What this means for you: Clothes follow a 4-way rotation and tumble routine in the drum so they are thoroughly washed and the dirt is loosened away.

Bubble Leveller

A bubble helps you level the washing machine correctly so vibrations are reduced.

What this means for you: A bubble shows if the washing machine is properly leveled so loads are evenly distributed and there is minimal vibration during washing.


Crescent Moon Drum

The drum has crescent moon patterns so the water is swept up in a manner that prevents clothes from rubbing against its walls.

IFB Washing Machine

What this means for you: The special design of the drum makes sure there is no wear and tear on your clothes from rubbing against the steel walls. The smooth crescent moons on the inside of the drum creates a water cushion to prevent damage to fabrics


Drum Lamp

A lamp on the inner side of the drum helps you load or unload laundry at night or in dimly lit settings.

IFB Washing Machine

What this means for you: A light shows the insides of the drum so when you are loading or unloading the laundry at night or in semi-darkness, you can see all of the drum and not miss any item in the load.


Easy Loading Pedestal

A drawer at the bottom of the washing machine raises the general height of the washing machine so the front door is easier to access and load. The drawer also holds your laundry essentials in one place.

IFB Washing Machine

What this means for you: Your front-loading washing is easier to load because there is the additional height at the bottom because of a drawer that is supplied to help you keep all your laundry essentials together in one place.

Extended Warranty



A preset mode that is similar to the general washing cycle on other machines, suitable for regular washing.

What this means for you: The regular washing cycle of your machine, for usual laundry that does not require pre-soaking or a more aggressive or gentler form of washing.

Foam-Control System

Sensors in the washing machine detect excessive foaming and dissolve them to maintain proper washing.

What this means for you: Sensors will detect when there is too much foam in the drum, and automatically dissolve them so there is more water to clean soap suds and give your clothes a better wash.


Hygiene Plus

Hygiene Plus is a program that is extremely useful for people with sensitive skin. The built-in rinses in this program removes all detergent residue from clothes so that your clothes are safe to wear after the wash.

What this means for you: The washing machine takes extra care to remove all residual detergent from your clothes on this mode so if you have sensitive skin, you never come in contact with any unwashed detergent in clothes after a wash.


Laundry Add

A handy feature that allows you to add laundry even after the wash cycle has started.

What this means for you: This feature allows you to pause the washing cycle to add a sock or shirt or any other item of laundry that you might have missed at the time of initial loading.


Nano Silver Wash

The washing machine releases silver ions stripped of an electron during the wash and rinse cycle to penetrate deep inside the fabrics and sanitize them.

What this means for you: Even clean laundry may have some microbial contamination but IFB’s Nano Silver Wash uses ions of silver to go deep inside the fabric of your clothes and remove nearly all such contamination.


O2 Wash System

Millions of bubbles are released into the drum at the time of washing to activate detergent enzymes for a cleaner wash.

IFB Washing Machine

What this means for you: See Air Bubble Wash System.


Protective Rat Mash

An additional cover at the bottom of the machine protects against possible damage caused by rodents.

What this means for you: If your home is prone to rodents, the protective rat mesh at the bottom of the washing machine will prevent any damage caused to the machine by such rodents.

Pet Hair Removal

A 3-cycle program that loosens and removes pet hair from your clothes and uses a hot blast to kill all allergens that may be left in your clothes by your pets.

IFB Washing Machine

What this means for you: Anyone with pets knows that pet hair is impossible to avoid in clothes. Also, pet hair might leave certain allergens in your clothes that may be rough on sensitive skin. The Pet Hair Removal feature works to loosen and remove all pet hair and uses a blast of heat to kill any residual allergens left on your clothes by pet hair.

Extended Warranty


Repeat Wash

The washing machine stores preset washing modes on memory so it can be used for the next wash without entering other details.

IFB Washing Machine

What this means for you: There is no need to manually enter settings each time you wash. The Repeat Wash function remembers your settings from previous use to apply them on your next wash.


Smart Phone Control

You can use your smartphone to control your washing machine even from a remote location.

IFB Washing Machine

What this means for you: If you had presoaked your clothes, and need the washing machine to run or stop, you can control such functions (and more!) by connecting your washing machine with your smartphone. You can also connect to the IFB Care System through the smartphone and access diagnostic care for your washing machine.

Smart Sense

Smart Sense automatically determines the laundry load and optimizes the water requirement, wash time, number of rinse cycles and spinning time.

What this means for you: You can save any additional waste of water or electricity because the washing machine uses sensors to determine the correct amount of water required to complete the wash cycle.

Steam Wash

Rejuvenate old clothes by washing them in the Steam Wash mode to add crispness to them. The steam acts tough on the clothes to remove the most unyielding of dirt. It sanitizes baby clothes and refreshes clothes out of the closet in 15 minutes without water or detergent.

IFB Washing Machine

What this means for you: Steam wash makes old clothes look as good as new by adding crispness and removing any odour or contamination. It also sanitizes your baby’s clothes through the application of heat and refreshes laundry in 15minutes without any water or detergent.

Smart Weight Sensor

This feature weighs the load of laundry accurately, supplying just the amount of detergent you need for the wash. It also makes sure you save on water with auto intake as per load and cloth material. What’s more, it alerts you when you overload the machine saving it from early damage to parts.

What this means for you: The washing machine employs sensors to detect the weight of your laundry so it can dispense the correct anount of water and detergent for a thorough wash. In case of an overloading, a buzzer indicates that you need to remove some parts of your load so there is no additional pressure on the machine.


Tub Clean

Regular use of the washing machine can lead to the growth of fungus, bacteria and other microbes in the tub, causing bad odour and contamination. The Tub clean feature takes care of this by eliminating impurities, scaling, bacteria and odour.

What this means for you: Your washing machine can be rendered free of contamination and odour by the Tub Clean feature. Before running the wash cycle or loading the machine, you can simply select the tub clean feature and add any detergent or descaling agent to remove such contamination.

Top Control Touch Panel

The panel on the top of the machine makes it easy to see and select programs, the clear, easy-to-understand LCD display helps you choose the programs and options in easy steps.

IFB Washing Machine

What this means for you: You don’t have to bend to see the control panel on a front-loading washing machine. It is located at the top so you can see and operate the machine without needing to bend or kneel in front of it.

Triadic Pulsator

Triadic Pulsator combines three powerful features – Soft Scrub Pads, Swirl Jets and Centre Punch. While Soft Scrub Pads gently scrub off the toughest of dirt, Swirl Jets helps dislodge dirt from every corner of the cloth with powerful water jets. Centre Punch initiates gentle mechanical action, squeezing the dirt out to give your clothes the perfect wash.

IFB Washing Machine

What this means for you: The triadic pulsator combines three separate actions to scrub, loosen and squeeze out the dirt from your clothes to give a cleaner wash.


Uniform Wash

The awash mode that washes regular uniforms to dislodge and remove any dirt and keeping it gentle so there is no damage to this item of regular wear.

What this means for you: Daily wear uniforms are cleaned thoroughly to remove any dirt and contaminants from the fabric, while maintaining a gentle washing motion to keep the fabric from getting damaged in the process.

Extended Warranty


Water Plus

An additional spin for extra dirty clothes, Water Plus Program pampers fabrics such as silk and wool by loosening the dirt and washing it away.

IFB Washing Machine

What this means for you: Clothes that are extra soiled are given an additional spin to clean them. 

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