There is no denying that the hype surrounding Clubhouse influenced a lot of social media platforms to include audio-only solutions. Even Twitter could not stay away from it. The social media giant introduced its own version of audio conversations: Twitter Spaces.

Initially, there was no option to record conversations in Twitter Spaces, but the feature was rolled out to select users in October 2021. The ability to record Twitter Spaces has now been rolled out to everyone. The host of the Twitter Space can enable recording while setting it up, and it will be available for public playback for 30 days post the Twitter Space ends.

Anyone Can Now Record A Twitter Space

As mentioned earlier, the ability to record a Twitter Space is not new, as Twitter began rolling it out to a limited number of Space hosts in late 2021. The social media giant had also promised that the feature would be available to all interested hosts shortly, and Twitter has stayed true to its promise by releasing the feature on its Android and iOS apps.

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    If you want to see how it works, you can follow this official tweet from Twitter support.

    Twitter Spaces were fairly limited in terms of both functionality and access during the feature’s initial phase. Only a few people (those with more than 600 followers) were allowed to host Twitter Spaces. This limitation has now been removed. It’s still not possible to host a Twitter Space if you are using Twitter via a web browser, though.

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