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Should You Upgrade? What’s New on the iPad Pro 2018 Buying Guide Tablets 

Should You Upgrade? What’s New on the iPad Pro 2018

With a busy year of product launches, Apple has yet again proved that they are the pioneers when it comes to phones, tablets and watches with the launch of iPhone XS, XR, XS Max, iPad Pro 2018, and Apple watch Series 4. Among all the flagship products that Apple launched this year, the new and upgraded version of the iPad Pro is what caught maximum eyeballs. Let’s take a look at what is new in the recently launched iPad pro….

The Pro Bezel-less Design

With no home button, Apple took the next step to make the bezels a lot thinner in the iPad Pro 2018 model than the iPad Pro 2017 model. With slimmer bezels, Apple was able to fuse in the Face ID sensor and the front camera, without having to create notch like the one in an iPhone X. With the round metallic look gone, this iPad Pro is shaped more like a square box and the prominent looking frame steals the show.

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Face ID

With the home button gone, the new tablet has to rely on facial recognition to unlock it through the newly launched feature of Face ID. Given that people may use their tablets in any manner they deem fit, Apple made it feasible for people to use the Face ID in any way they pick the tablet. Another impressive trick that Apple did is to keep only a single and improved set of sensor, just like the one in an iPhone. With the uncertainty of how you’ll pick your tablet if by mistake your finger or hand covers the Face ID sensor, the iPad will notify ‘Camera covered’ along with an upward arrow indication towards the camera.

iPad Pro 2018 with face idImage Source:

A12X Bionic Chip

Powered by what Apple claims to be the fastest chipset, A12X Bionic Chip (7 nm) and a Neural Engine, iPad Pro is competing with the likes of fastest laptops in the gadget world. The A12X has an octa-core CPU and 7-core GPU, that makes the iPad Pro perform two times faster than the A10X of the iPad Pro 2017 model. With Apple claiming that the GPU of its newly launched iPad Pro can manage almost 5 trillion operations per second, it is still left to see how it performs in the market.

iPad Pro with A12 Bionic ChipImage Source:

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