It is the tedious process of making complicated dishes that puts us millennials off from cooking often. We would rather order things using a delivery app and make life easy. But what if we told you there are ways to make a cooking session fun & easy? Here are 4 such gadgets…
While we all have the habit of going and picking up pastas from the local store because it is so much of a task to make pasta, this electronic pasta maker helps you make amazing pasta in just minutes. With this in your kitchen, you can now concentrate on your sauces more than the pasta. It also allows you to roll over your dough into noodles, flat breads and what not!

Air Fryer
The Air fryer should probably be the invention of the century. In an age where we are concentrating on health, it always helps to stay away from junk that is fried. That is when your Air Fryer comes handy. An air fryer makes your fries, to samosas and spring rolls and what not in a jiffy. Go pick up yours now on Amazon and enjoy healthy eating.

Ice Cream Maker
Making ice cream at home is a tedious task because there is never a right temperature to freeze it. It either turns out hard enough to break spoons or just doesn’t set well. But with the Kitchenif ice cream maker, you no longer need to set buckets of ice to put into your ice cream maker for it to set. This ice cream maker comes with a built-in digital timer that helps the maker to function with the automatic turn on and off. It has 1.5L capacity which is good enough to delight your whole family at one go.

Portable Juicer/ Blender
Isn’t it a task to pull out your mixer grinder, place a jar, add your veggies/fruits and then churn to get your juice? If you regularly use this appliance, all you need is a quick blender that looks like your normal water bottle, runs on battery and does the job for you. These mini juicer, blenders help you whip up pastes, chutneys, and juices in seconds. You can also carry it to your office or for your trips and make fresh juices for yourself!

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– Contributed by Prateek Thakker

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