Most people end up buying electronic products without realizing how they could be hit with unpredictable expenses after the purchase.

Electronic devices, especially mobile phones usually come with 1 year of manufacturer’s warranty that only covers defects and malfunctions and not accidental damage, which is very common with smartphones.

This is why you must consider buying an extended warranty and protection plan, which starts immediately after the expiry of the manufacturer’s warranty.

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    Read on to find out about how the Samsung Extended Warranty and Onsitego Extended Warranty plans can be useful to give your smartphone an extended life, and which one suits you better…

    Extended Warranty

    What does the Samsung Extended Warranty offer?


    The Samsung Extended Warranty plan includes all the defects covered under the standard Samsung warranty.

    The plan needs to be purchased while buying the product or within the manufacturer’s warranty period, which is usually for a year.

    The Samsung Extended Warranty plan starts immediately after the expiry of the manufacturer’s warranty.


    What does the Onsitego Extended Warranty offer?


    The Onsitego Extended Warranty plan is an extension of the manufacturer’s warranty period by an additional year for smartphones. The plan needs to be purchased within the manufacturer’s warranty period and starts immediately after the expiry of the manufacturer’s warranty.

    Onsitego also offers two more plans including, the Screen Protection and Spills & Drops Protection Plan / Damage Protection Plan, unlike Samsung.


    What does the Samsung Extended Warranty cover?


    The Samsung Extended Warranty protects your smartphone from any mechanical and technical problem but does not cover accidental damage. All the repairs are done at the brand authorised service center only.

    Also, the Samsung Extended Warranty plan is only available in India. It does not offer any other damage protection or screen protection plan for mobile phones or other devices.

    The Samsung Extended Warranty is only eligible on selected products like, mobile phones, tablets, LED, LCD & plasma TVs, fully & semi-automatic washing machines, refrigerators (direct cool, frost free & side by side refrigerator), air conditioners (split) & printers.

    What does the Onsitego Extended Warranty cover?


    The Onsitego Extended Warranty covers any defects and malfunctions in the device after the expiry of the manufacturer’s warranty.

    Onsitego has a Pan India presence and is known for its hassle free service. It also offers free pick, repair and drop service at your desired location, at no extra cost.

    The best thing about Onsitego is its ‘No Questions Asked’ repair policy, which makes it a hassle free process to file a service request during the time of repair.

    Apart from smartphones, the Onsitego Extended Warranty plan covers all electronics and small and large appliances including, laptops, tablets, juicers, rice cookers, iron, microwave ovens, hair dryers, TV, refrigerators, air conditioners and washing machines to name a few.

    The company covers all the brands purchased in India and gets the repairs done at brand authorized service centers only.


    Do both plans offer free pick, repair and drop?


    Samsung gets the smartphone repaired at the Samsung service center within the plan period but does not offer free pick & drop.

    Onsitego, on the other hand picks, repairs (always at the brand authorized service center) and drops the phone at your location.

    For instance, if you’re using the latest smartphone and if it needs repair after a year when the manufacturer’s warranty expires, Onsitego will get it fixed at a brand authorised service center.

    When the phone breaks down, most of us either end up dialing the call center a couple of times or visiting the service center to drop and pick the phone. This is time consuming, especially for working professionals but Onsitego solves that problem with its free pick and drop service.

    The good thing about the Onsitego Extended Warranty plan is that it’s completely cashless. You just need to pay once at the time of buying the plan, post which it’s a hassle free process. Apart from the free pick & drop service, in case Onsitego can’t reach a certain destination, you have another option:

    Mail In Service: A courier executive will pick your device from your location and send it to Onsitego.

    Onsitego will then send it to an authorized service center, get your device repaired and courier it back to you within 14 working days.


    Do the Manufacturer Warranty Plan and the Onsitego Extended Warranty Plan give complete service assurance?


    Manufacturers assures its customers of a prompt service but does not give complete service assurance. Onsitego on the other hand not only gives service assurance but also a 14 days repair or replacement guarantee for all Samsung smartphones.

    This simply means if your phone cannot be repaired within the specified time period, due to unavailability of spare parts or any other valid reason, you get the same device as a replacement or one with equivalent features.

    The benefit of buying the Onsitego Extended Warranty plan is that it gives you peace of mind with its hassle free service.


    Which are the Samsung smartphones that are covered in both the Extended Warranty plans?


    The Onsitego Extended Warranty and Samsung Extended Warranty plans cover all the high and mid-range Samsung smartphones, including Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Samsung On7 Pro, Samsung Galaxy E6 Edge, Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 and Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime 4G to name a few.


    Do the Samsung Extended Warranty and Onsitego Extended Warranty plans cost the same?


    Samsung prices are not currently available online but as far as the Onsitego plan price is concerned, it starts from as low as Rs 449, depending on the price of the smartphone. Click here for more details.

    Extended Warranty

    Does Samsung offer any other plans, apart from Extended Warranty?


    For now, Samsung is only offering the Extended Warranty plan across India, unlike Onsitego that also has a Screen Protection and Spills & Drops Protection Plan / Damage Protection Plan. Also, Onsitego services are available across India.


    Are the Onsitego Screen Protection and Spills & Drops Protection Plan beneficial?


    Both the Onsitego plans are useful and recommended for giving your new smartphone a longer life. Smartphone plans can be purchased for a maximum of 1 year.

    The Screen Protection plan covers any damage caused to the phone’s display, be it cracked or broken screen. You also get complete protection for the most fragile part of the device at a lesser cost and the plan can be purchased within 7 days of buying the device.

    The price of the plan varies, depending on the cost of the phone. The Onsitego Damage Protection plan on the other hand is quite popular for smartphones. All aspects of your device are covered in this plan, unlike in the manufacturer’s warranty. Simply put, it covers any liquid or physical damage caused to the device in the first 12 months of buying it.

    If you’re confused about which Extended Warranty plan to go for, we’d say it makes sense to buy a plan that gives you complete service assurance and hassle free service.

    Onsitego does just that!

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