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Author: Vipasha Pillai
Apple iPad Tablet

Six Signs You Need A New Tablet

The main reason people love using tablets instead of smartphones is that they’re portable, lightweight, and still offer a big-screen experience. Compared to laptops, they’re lighter and more portable. Compared to smartphones, they offer very large screens without adding a lot of bulk. Plus, tablets……

Studio Monitor Speakers

5 Common Audio System Problems and Their Solutions

Most audio system problems are a result of improper, defective, or wrongly connected cables. Some problems also arise due to wrong equipment use or improper maintenance. The world of audio can seem simple, but it can get quite complicated and hard to understand, especially to those who……

Washing Machine

Tips To Fix A Noisy Washing Machine

Is your washing machine making weird or loud noises during the spin cycle? If you notice constant bumping or scratching sounds every time the washing machine is turned on, it probably means that one or more parts are broken, loose, or worn out. If none……


5 Mistakes People Make While Charging Their Mobile Phone

Whether you are a casual smartphone user or a technology enthusiast, you would love your smartphone’s battery to last a little longer, isn’t it? Well, most smartphones use Li-Ion (Lithium Ion) batteries that can hold up charge well for 300 to 500 charge/discharge cycles, which……