Google Home knows everything that Google does but the best part is, its interactive and has a voice of its own. It combines machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) with Google’s knowledge to be your personal helper whenever you’re around. We’re all aware of the basic things that a Google Home can do like play songs, stream podcasts, share time and weather information, etc but there’s a lot more it can do. Here are 5 cool Google Home features that you may want to know about…

All device Extended warranty

Hey Google! Remember This

We often tend to forget important things and lose time and patience while looking for them. But guess what? Just one command can completely take away this worry. Just call out your Google Home and say, “Hey Google! Remember that my Gmail password is brownies”. The next time you ask Google “Hey Google! What is my Gmail password?” and it will promptly tell you that its brownies.

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    Google Home Remember Password

    It Can Search For Your Phone

    What if you can’t find your phone? There are ways you can access the location via laptop or another mobile device, but there are instances when it’s on silent. If you have a Google Home nearby, you can use it to ring your phone using a single voice command. Just say, “Hey Google! Ring my phone”. And your smartphone will start ringing even if it’s set to ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode. Just make sure the phone is on and connected to your mobile data or Wi-Fi and that you’re logged in with the same Google account on both the devices. You can also add multiple phones to one Google Assistant.

    Hey Google! Ring my Phone

    Tweet Without Touching The Phone

    Download and open IFTTT app on your phone, then search for Google Assistant and go to ‘Use Google Assistant to post a tweet’. Once you’ve synced your Twitter account, you will be able to tweet with just a command. For example, you can say, “Ok Google!” Tweet, “It’s a great day!” and it will automatically post the tweet using your handle.

    Post a Tweet

    Ask Google To Help You Sleep/Work/Relax

    You can play your favourite songs on Google Home, but did you know you can also ask Google to help you sleep? You just have to say, “Hey Google! Help me sleep/relax” and it will start playing an ambient sound that could actually help you do that.

    Google Home Ambient Sounds

    All device Extended warranty

    Call an Uber

    Calling for an Uber using Google Home is quite simple. If you haven’t tried this before, here’s what you need to do:
    1. Create an Uber account, install the app and link a payment method to your account
    2. Open the Google Home app on your smartphone -> Devices -> Google Home Settings
    3. Tap More -> Services -> Scroll down to find Uber
    4. If you haven’t linked your Uber account yet, tap Link Account
    5. A new browser window will open asking you to log in with your Uber account credentials
    6. Accept the integration to link your account to Google Home.

    Call An Uber

    Once you’ve linked your Uber account with Google Home simply say, “Hey Google, get me an Uber” and one will be sent to your location. Since the Uber interface on Google Home doesn’t ask you for a destination, you’ll have to open the Uber app to enter your destination before your pickup time.

    (Google Home is currently available on Flipkart for Rs 7,999. Kindly note that the price is subject to change)

    – Contributed by Sudhanshu Singh

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