The first thing you want to do is think of how to protect your smartphone during rains.

Keeping yourself dry is not enough, you’ll also need to keep your phone dry or even a few drops of water can leave your smartphone unresponsive to touch.

Here are 5 easy ways to protect your smartphone this monsoon

Zip It Up In a Zip Lock

Ever found those small packets of silica gels in a new shoe box or in a new handbag?

Most of us end up discarding those sachets, don’t we? The next time you find them, save them for a better use. Silica gels are useful in keeping things dry. So you could carry some of those with you in your zip lock pouch that’s easily available at any stationary store.

When it starts to rain, you can put your smartphone in the zip lock bag (along with the silica gel sachet). This will save your smartphone from getting wet, while the silica gel inside will absorb excess moisture.

Immediately Turn Off Your Phone If You Think It’s Wet

In case, you don’t have a zip lock pouch or even a polythene bag to protect your smartphone in the rain, make sure you turn it off and take off the battery, if possible. A wet smartphone can stop working at any point, plus it’s risky to use.

At least if its switched off and it gets wet, you know that your phone will come back to life once its switched on. Else, make sure it’s already covered with a damage protection plan.

extended warranty for your device

Do Not Charge When Its Wet

Most of us make the mistake of charging a wet phone during monsoon, which is a complete No.

Remember, the moisture in your phone can create a short circuit at the charging point. So charge it only when your smartphone is completely dry.

A Polybag Can Be Your Savior Too

Don’ like using a zip lock or you’re not prepared with one?

Not to worry! Even a polybag can come handy in times of emergency. Just make sure you switch off your device, wrap it around a cloth and then place it in the polybag.

Protect it With a Water-Proof Cover

Who says only expensive covers can save your device from the rains?

Forget the fancy covers, you could just buy a simple inexpensive water-proof cover and be carefree. Of course, these water-resistant phone covers can’t be flaunted or could even make your fancy phone look boring but remember, it will save your device in the long run.

Moreover, you’re only going to use this for the monsoon season.

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