An interesting piece of news from Cupertino is that Apple is working on a program called ‘IronHeart’, which is reportedly in its initial stages according to a report. It claims that the company has enhanced CarPlay functionality even further than just controlling music, navigation, and phone calls in supported cars. The ‘IronHeart’ program will communicate with the car’s interface to gain control of its systems such as air conditioning, engine/battery vitals, geo-fencing, opening/closing windows or sunroof, and much more. This would be beneficial for cars that don’t come with factory fitted ‘Connected Car’ tech. Also, this would give Apple a chance to compete with rival Google’s Android Automotive platform interface.

What Changes Can Apple’s IronHeart Project Bring To CarPlay?

Currently, users need to jump from the Apple CarPlay interface, which runs via an iPhone, to the built-in system of the car to control certain key functions. If this project comes to fruition, we can expect a seamless experience of smartphone and car features. For example, the MG Hector SUVs in India, come with similar ‘Connected Car’ tech which lets the user to voice control various features of the car.

For those not in the know, Apple had introduced the CarKey feature in association with BMW, which allows locking/unlocking the car via NFC-equipped iPhone or Apple Watch. The company also worked with Volkswagen and BMW to enable its CarPlay on the cars digital instrument clusters. Similarly, with its new ‘IronHeart’ project, the company will need to work closely with carmakers to bring this project to light. It may have to face some huge challenges as most car manufacturers already have their own ‘Connected Car’ systems running.

When it comes to aftermarket touchscreen solutions, it is dominated by Android-based systems currently. In all likelihood, the ‘IronHeart’ may not see the day of light, but it would allow the company to take the data and learnings from it to incorporate in their future self-driving vehicles.

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