Fitness trackers are the best way to keep track of your step counts, heart rate and sleep quality on a daily basis. If you plan to gift yourself one this year, here’s some help on which one to buy. Whether you’re looking for a fitness tracker with the best battery life, better software or one with good looks, we’ve shortlisted some of the best one’s for you…

Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Series 4 | OnsiteGo

A fitness tracker with an expanded display is what makes this one a big hit with Apple lovers! Why? Because a bigger display means more data on the screen. This 40 mm Series 4 comes with a 394 x 324 display and is available in two finishes – stainless steel and aluminum. As far as the colors go, you can choose from silver, space gray or black and gold. A feature worth mentioning about this watch is its accelerometer and gyroscope that detects your motion and impact once the watch’s new ‘Fall Detection’ feature is turned on. If you remain motionless for a minute after falling, your watch will dial emergency services for you.

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    Series 4 is also faster and easy to use as compared to series 3 because of its new S4 chip. As far as the battery life goes, we’re all aware that Apple devices are not known for their battery life but this one can last up to 18 hours on a charge if you don’t regularly use it for calling or while working out. If you do, it can still last for anywhere between 8 to 10 hours a day, which is just fine! Coming to looks, its rounder edges and thinner bezel is what makes it look great. In fact, Apple recently released the iOS 12.2 with some new features. Looks like the update will expand ECG availability on the Apple Watch Series 4 to more countries once Watch OS 5.2 is released from Apple.

    Price: Rs 49,900 (40mm, Space Grey Aluminum Case)

    Fitbit Versa

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    Fitbit second smartwatch – Versa scores high on its battery life. The company claims that it can last for over 4 days and can fully charge in just 2 hours. Look wise, this fitness watch has a curvy panel on the sides and looks much better than the Fitbit Iconic. It also comes with a customizable clockface with a 34 mm screen and weighs just 38 grams, which makes it very comfortable on the wrist. Versa comes in an aluminum case in silver, rose gold and black and is known for accurately monitoring your heart rate, steps and sleep.

    If you wish to spend extra on a Fitbit coach, that’s possible too! You can get personalized training recommendations and access to quick workouts. Guess what? It comes with a built in GPS and has a responsive touchscreen, even when wet. So you need not worry about not being able to go for a run in the rains. Not just that, you can also download songs directly on this fitness watch. Plus, you can receive notifications – texts, calls and calendar reminders but you can’t respond. Frankly, this shouldn’t be a problem if you’re only going to be using this as a fitness tracker.

    Price: Rs 17,289

    Xiaomi Mi Band 3

    Step 1

    The brand has always been known for offering devices at an affordable price, for its fabulous battery life and smooth interface. You might not get the best features in this tracker watch due to its price range but it can surely help you stay fit with some of its basic features. With the Mi Band 3, you get a larger OLED screen, activity monitoring features and water resistance up to 50 meters. The fitness watch comes with a resolution of 128×80, which makes it useful for receiving notifications and weather updates, as it can fit more information on the screen.

    Not just this, it also helps you track the steps taken, distance moved, calories burned, your total sleep hours and heart rate (automatic or manual) over the past day, week or month. Talk of its battery life and it can easily last for over a week due to the 110mAh battery. One disappointing thing about this tracker watch is that the display brightness cannot be increased, which could be an issue for outdoor use. Over all, it doesn’t offer a lot of features but its surely value for money.

    Price: Rs 1,999 (Black)

    Garmin Forerunner 645 Music

    Step 1

    If you’re an athlete, Garmin Forerunner is just perfect for you because its known for its advanced tracking stats. It tracks everything from cycling to swimming and much more. This GPS-enabled Forerunner 645 Music is small, lightweight, and waterproof with a good display. It’s a great choice for fitness freaks, as it tracks runs and helps with a variety of built-in workouts. This fitness watch can store up to 500 songs. As far as the looks are concerned, Forerunner 645 Music comes with a stainless-steel bezel, which makes it look classy and less like a casual sport watch.

    In fact, you can also add widgets from the Garmin app called Garmin Connect available for iOS and Android. One interesting thing about this fitness watch is that it delivers a post-run analysis on the display, which tells you how long you’ll need to recover from the workout and what effect the training had on your health. This may not be interesting for everyone but as an athlete, you are sure to love this feature. Lastly, it has over 7 days of battery life in smartwatch mode and up to 5 hours in GPS mode with music.

    Price: Rs 39,990

    (Kindly note that prices are subject to change on Amazon India)

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