Home appliances are not something that you buy in a jiffy. After a lot of research and thinking, you finally decide on one, especially large appliances. You spend a hefty amount on buying them, so you definitely would want them to perform w

ell for at least 8-10 years. Most of you may know that home appliances come with a minimum of 2 years manufacturer’s warranty. This simply means if there are any mechanical failures, you need not worry about spending extra on getting it fixed within the warranty period.

Just imagine how cool it would be if you could extend this warranty by another year or two?

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    Well, with Onsitego that’s possible! If you haven’t got your new home appliances covered, it’s not too late. You can do that now, especially for appliances like…

    1. Television

    Most televisions come with a brand warranty for 1 or 2 years. Most of the issues crop up after the second year and you might not know who to call or where to go for repairs.

    You won’t just end up buzzing customer care a number of times, but you’ll also end up running around and spending quite a bit on the repairs yourself.

    Some of the most common problems that people face after the brand warranty includes: display issues, sound failure, HDMI port malfunction, power button failure, etc.

    TV repairs can be quite expensive, no matter how small the issue. Instead, it’s a better idea to buy an extended warranty, which is a complete replica of the manufacturer’s warranty for an extended period. That too, at a very nominal price – just 5 to 10% of the cost of your TV, depending on the coverage term.

    Extended Warranty


    2. Fridge

    A refrigerator usually has a lifespan of about 8-10 years, so just 1 or 2 years of manufacturer’s warranty is not enough.

    Whether it’s a valve failure, temperature adjustment malfunction, compressor malfunction or cooling issue, repairs can be very expensive and can cost you nearly 20-30% of the price of your fridge every single time it breaks down.

    3. Air Conditioner

    Air conditioners also come with a standard warranty and they don’t break down frequently.

    But when they do, the repair can literally burn a hole in your pocket. After the manufacturer’s 1 / 2 years of warranty, maximum complaints reported by consumers over the years have been about compressor malfunctions, blower issues, thermostat malfunctions or display failures.

    All of these can be easily repaired by a professional technician from the brand authorized service center and at a minimal fee, if you consider buying the Extended Warranty plan while purchasing the A.C.

    The warranty plans also provide preventive maintenance during your usage to ensure your appliance works fine during the season.

    Extended Warranty


    4. Washing Machine

    A problem with this appliance can cost you over 50% of the price of your washing machine. What’s worse is the unavailability of parts at times and these repairs can ruin its life if it’s not fixed by a professional.

    Motor or drum malfunctions are most common, but washing machines can also have control panel/circuit malfunctions, gearbox failure and sensor failures to name a few.

    To fix these, you need a brand-qualified technician for proper diagnosing and repairs.

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