We all know how dirty our earbuds get after regular use but most of us just end up cleaning it with a wet cotton bud or a dry cloth. That’s not enough! The heat generated from the earbuds in our ears makes them a magnet for earwax, as the heat melts the earwax and settles on to the earbuds. To keep your earphones looking as good as new, you can clean them once a month. We tell you how…

1. Start by gently dry brushing the dirt out of your earbuds with a clean toothbrush. Hold the earbuds with the mesh facing down. That way any debris will fall down, as opposed to back in the earbuds. If you still see any dirt, dip some cotton in rubbing alcohol and tap it on your earbuds to remove any excess dirt. Rubbing alcohol is easily available on Amazon.in

gently dry brushing the dirt out

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    2. Next, take an alcohol wipe or a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol and wipe the earbuds gently. This will mildly clean as well as disinfect your earbuds. We wouldn’t recommend using soap water or perfume, as they’re not suitable cleaning agents for your earbuds and can damage them from inside.

    Clean withan alcohol wipe

    3. To clean the silicon earbud covers, take them off and soak them in warm soap water (mild dish washing detergent) for 10 minutes. Then clean them with a cotton ear bud to remove the dirt and wipe them with an alcohol wipe. Put them back onto your earphones when they’re completely dry.

    Soak silicon earbud in soap water

    * Use a nylon tooth brush or it could break and get caught up in the metal part of the earbuds. Nylon is anti-static, so it won’t spoil your earbuds.
    * Store your earbuds in a case when not in use. This will protect them from dirt and scratches.

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