Kent Water Purifier is a good way to purify, filter, and suspend any unwanted chemicals, solids, or odor from your water. This is important to avoid water-borne diseases. The cleaned water from UF, RO & UV water filters are the most trusted ones in our country for drinking water safety. It’s rightly because of their top-quality filters and other parts that help us drink only clean and pure water.

Water purifier

Let Onsitego’s qualified engineers help you with any kind of problem with your Kent RO water filter in your home or Kent water purifier at home. We have very flexible maintenance plans that help you with annual maintenance services, free high-quality spare parts, breakdown support, and many more features. Get total peace of mind and buy our Kent AMC plan today.

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    Apart from our flexible Kent AMC plans, you can always rely on us when you require an instant service for your best Kent RO water purifier. Just give us a call and our certified technician will be at your doorstep within 90 minutes to solve your problems. Totally hassle-free and top-notch service guaranteed.

    With a competitive and very moderate pricing structure, our engineers make sure you get the best online water purifier service experience. Onsitego has a solution for all types of water purifiers. From RO water purifier to Kent water purifier, to Aquaguards we have a solution for all.

    Comprehensive AMC features for both RO + UV Water Purifier

    • 2 Scheduled maintenance services a year for Kent Water Purifier

    • Annual replacement of Filters and Membranes

    • Complete breakdown support, with labor and service charges, covered

    • Cost of spare parts included for Kent Water Purifier

    • REPURE Kit containing consumables sent to your home

    Repair Services & its features for both RO + UV Water Purifier

    • Uninstallation

    • Installation

    • Repair Service

      • Servicing includes cleaning of filters, outer body, and water tank.

      • Replacement of Filters, RO Membrane, and UV Lamp can be availed at extra cost.

    • Maintenance Service

      • Servicing includes cleaning of filters, outer body, and water tank.

      • Replacement of Filters, RO Membrane, and UV Lamp can be availed at extra cost.

    Best RO Water Purifiers In India

    Why choose us?

    • 80Lakhs+ customers

    • 90 minutes service guarantee

    • 48 hours repair guarantee

    • Affordable prices

    • High-quality parts

    • Certified Engineers

    • Doorstep service

    • No hassle of visiting a service center

    • Fastest services near you

    • Flexible maintenance plans

    • Best online water purifier services

    Water Purifier Filters & Membrane

    5 Common Problems faced by Kent Water Purifier

    Unlike most home and kitchen appliances, your Kent Water Purifier needs regular maintenance and servicing. So, here are 7 main problems & their solution:

    1. Kent Purifier Not Working

    There could be a few reasons, but the most common ones are:

    a) The ‘Power On’ indicator/button is not on – Check whether the power switch is on/off. If the switch is on, check if the electricity supply is proper.

    And if both these conditions don’t stand true then call a Kent service expert for diagnosing the issue. Onsitego’s qualified engineers will always guide you properly. You can trust our services and maintenance plans for Kent Water Purifier.

    b) The ‘Power ON’ indicator is not on then check your main valve. If it’s off,, turn it on and check if the purifier is working.

    If the valve is open and Kent is not working then you need to check the water pressure. Most Kent purifiers don’t work if the water pressure is low.

    If you’re still facing the problem we recommend trying our repair services or buying our Kent AMC plans to avoid all the hassle.

       2. Water Leakage

    Water leakage from Kent is one of the most common problems. Sometimes, you may see a lot of water near your Kent water purifier. It could be because the connectors of the pipes have a loose connection, leading to the leakage of the water from kent. You must ensure all the pipe fittings are proper. If you notice any drips or leakages, call a professional. Leakages in a water purifier can create a lot of problems if not resolved on time.

      3. Foul Odour or Bad Taste of Water

    A water purifier has no such foul odor or bad taste. But, you can still feel a difference in the taste or smell while drinking the water because of the presence of Chlorine, and that is what smells. This can happen if the filters are not filtering the water properly.

    To resolve this, you need to change the filters every 12 months.

    The purified water may also develop some smell if it is left unutilized in the storage tank for a long period.

    You should try and discard the purified water if it is left in the storage tank for more than 2 days.

    Water Purifier Repair

     4. Auto Shut-Off Failure

    When the water storage tank of the Kent fills over a defined level, then it shuts off the purification process.

    If the auto shut-off feature is not working properly then the purifier would work continuously. This would result in water overflow from the storage tank.

     5. Low Water Flow or Storage Tank Taking More Time to Fill

    Does your purifier take an unusually long time to fill the storage tank?

    Each filter in the purifier is made to filter out specific types and sizes of impurities. These filtered impurities get stuck on the filter/membrane surface. If the filters aren’t cleaned or replaced on time then the impurities form a bad layer on the filter surface blocking the flow of water.

    This problem is most common in areas where water quality is very poor.

    We suggest seeking professional help in such situations if the above doesn’t help.

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