OnePlus TV is soon about to be launched – it’s been one of the hottest bits of news in the tech world for the past couple of months.

We aren’t surprised: OnePlus happens to be one of the most popular smartphone brands, one with a rather dedicated set of buyers, and it was only a matter of time before they decided to launch a OnePlus TV. But what is the OnePlus TV going to be like? What are the specs? What can you expect? Is it a Smart TV?


We’re here to answer all your questions about the OnePlus TV. Read on!

What sizes will the OnePlus TV be available in?

We’re guessing that while OnePlus will release its new TV in four different screen sizes (not all are expected to be launched everywhere) they will be launching the 55 inch variant in India first. Other sizes rumoured for the OnePlus TV include, 43 inch, 65 inch, and 75 inch. The brand hasn’t yet revealed if all the variants would be launched in India but going by the Amazon launch page, we’re getting the 55 inch OnePlus TV for sure.

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What features will the OnePlus TV offer?

The 55 inch TV is definitely going to feature a QLED panel, although there are some rumours that OLED variants may also arrive sometime down the line.

Other features TV buyers will appreciate include Bluetooth 5.0, Dolby Vision HDR, as well as Dolby Atmos audio, with 50W output and 8 speakers. OnePlus has also revealed that it will be using a custom image processor (the ‘Gamma Color Magic’ chip) – for its new range of televisions.


What will the OnePlus TV look like?

Glimpses of the OnePlus TV as shown off by Founder, Pete Lau, the TV seems to show a lot of use of metal and other premium materials, which might even include carbon fibre!

The OnePlus TV remote has also been revealed, with its slick, fluid design, touchpad, and aluminium body reminding us of the Apple TV remote!

OnePlus intends to offer not only premium design but also great picture quality and immersive audio. The company will also equip the new TV with AI-powered voice assistant backed by Alexa.


Is this going to be a Smart TV?

Yes! it is! OnePlus will be using an Android-based Smart TV interface, and the TV remote also carries a Google Assistant button.

Given how OnePlus’s smartphone OS, OxygenOS is so well-regarded for its blend of features, design, and usability, we wouldn’t be surprised to see their TV OS being just as much of a draw as any other feature.

Even better, OnePlus has promised ‘seamless integration’ with its other products, which means OnePlus smartphone owners might be in for a pleasant surprise.

In India, the OnePlus TV will be launched through According to Pete Lau, current available smart TVs isn’t really offering a well-integrated user and internet experience.


When and where can I buy the OnePlus TV? And how much will it cost?

Pete Lau had already mentioned that OnePlus is trying to make the OnePlus Television better than the competition. It will connect to a user’s smartphone with which it can display relevant information such as calendar entries, traffic information and real time notifications.

Pricing isn’t out yet, but do remember that OnePlus first created a splash with its ‘affordable’ flagships. Given their history, it won’t be a surprise to see extremely competitive pricing, especially at launch.

As far as where you can buy the OnePlus TV is concerned, we’re guessing you’ll be able to pick it up at OnePlus’s stores as well as on Amazon India website (it’s listed as an Amazon Special). When can you buy it? Pretty soon, as Amazon has listed the OnePlus TV as part of its Great Indian Sale, which should start sometime in late September.

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