Onsitego has partnered with Croma to offer all Croma customers the Assured Buyback program. The service is an assurance to Croma customers that Onsitego will buy the used device at a pre-determined price within 360 days of its purchase. This means that if a customer buys a device from a Croma store and then plans to sell the device post the 6th month of its purchase, Onsitego will buy the device back. The customer gets a 55% Assured Buyback Value if the device is sold between 6 – 8 months and a 40% Assured Buyback Value if it is sold between 10 – 12 months.

The program is currently available on select flagship models of Apple, Samsung and OnePlus devices. Currently priced at Rs 599, Assured Buyback is recommended not only for its pre-determined Assured Buyback Price but also because the service can be beneficial at the time of upgrading to a new device. Benefits include a good exchange value and free doorstep pick-up at the time of redemption. Another plus point is, the service is transferable. This means if the customer decides to sell or gift the device to someone anytime within 360 days of its purchase, the Assured Buyback service can be transferred to the concerned person’s name.

The Assured Buyback plan can be purchased from the nearest Croma store (available Pan India) at the time of buying a new device. You can also redeem your Onsitego Assured Buyback plan! The buyback value can be availed from Onsitego in the form of Croma eVouchers that can be used both online and offline.

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