The #OnsiteGoCares contest is now open to all on Twitter and Facebook.

Contest Question: “Tell us about the most expensive gadget you have purchased till date and what it means to you? Using #OnsiteGoCares

1. My most expensive purchase has been my iPhone 7, which I gifted myself last birthday. It’s extremely precious to me, as I had been eagerly waiting to own an iPhone the last 5 years. #OnsiteGoCares

2. It’s an LED TV, which I gifted my parents on their 25th wedding anniversary. I spent more than half my salary that month because I knew this gift would make them happy. #OnsiteGoCares

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    3. I’m a hardcore Apple fan and when I got my first job I knew the first thing I was going to buy would be a Macbook, which I did and I don’t regret it. #OnsiteGoCares

    Contest rules for #OnsiteGoCares:

    1) Follow @OnsiteGo and respond to the contest question with #OnsitegoCares added to your tweet.

    2) Entries without the #OnsitegoCares will not be considered.

    3) Your followers count does not matter to us. All we need is 2 interesting and original entries that WE love the most.

    4) The contest is open only to residents of India.

    You get to WIN:

    The 2 best entries we choose get to WIN an Amazon voucher worth Rs 1,500 each.

    All The Best!

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