We’ve all heard of the recent headlines about the most popular smartphone models either catching fire or exploding. At some point we’ve all surely thought, “I wonder if that will happen to me”. You might just be putting your safety at risk if you’re not aware of how to stop your phone battery from exploding. And it’s not just the smartphone’s battery alone that can cause mobile phone damage. There are other reasons too that can cause the battery to explode. Here are some tips on how to prevent your smartphone battery from exploding…

Avoid Overcharging
Smartphones come with lithium-ion batteries because they’re lightweight and compact. This is why they’re ideal for small portable devices. Lithium-ion batteries should not be exposed to heat or overcharged, as they can cause serious damage to you and the phone when overheated. Since the batteries and separator contained within are becoming thinner, there’s less room available to keep the positive and negative plates in the battery apart. If anything gets in between these two plates, it can cause problems, especially when the battery is overcharging. So unplug when your phone is charged, and  keep it charged between 40% – 80%. This is safe and will keep the battery running longer.

Avoid Wireless Charging
Wireless charging can be really convenient but did you know that wireless chargers usually generate a fair bit of waste heat? Yes, and this heat can literally toast your battery in the process. We know, the standard plug-in option is a little less convenient, but it’ll keep your battery in better shape. Just make sure you avoid placing your phone in high-temperature environments while charging.

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Use an Original Charger
Chargers from the original phone manufacturers are high quality chargers and often come with circuit protection and power management chips in the charger. This controls the power output and knows exactly when your smartphone is fully charged to prevent mobile phone damage. Using non-branded chargers can be dangerous, as they transfer electrical power from the wall outlets to your smartphones, often without any form of circuit protection or power management chips. Due to this there’s a possibility of overcharging your smartphone and then overheating, which can lead to explosions.

Know Where To Charge Your Phone
Avoid plugging in the phone near extremely hot places, wet areas and where direct sunlight is abundant. Also, try and avoid placing your phone at the edges from where it could easily fall. The mains cause of battery explosions are battery leaks due to falls and overheating.

Apart from the phone battery, it’s also important that you think of accidental damage protection for your smartphone, as accidental damage is responsible for maximum smartphone failures. Also, smartphone repairs can nowadays cost up to as much as the price of a device. Click here to know more about such plans.     

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