The LG GL F282RSFM fridge is as minimalistic as a double door fridge can get, and can be a good upgrade if you have been using a single door refrigerator but do not need a great deal of extra space.


In terms of exterior looks, the LG GL F282RSFM looks good with a high gloss floral design on the door. The handles are not recessed on the freezer or the fridge, but this doesn’t take away from the overall looks of the fridge.


The dimensions of the fridge are 1565x555x670 mm and it can slot into any space you have earmarked for your new refrigerator. Even if you put a stand under it, the fridge has a good height for access to both the fresh foods part and the freezer. Also, it has a flush back design, so there are no unsightly coils at the back.

Extended Warranty


On the interior, the top LED lights immediately add a touch of premium to the aesthetics. There are two toughened glass shelves and 2+1+1 door bins. The bottom of the door has no door pocket, which leaves more space for a bigger vegetable box.


The vegetable box is truly bigger than most other fridges in its class in the absence of a bottom door pocket. It also has a lattice top which, according to LG, “maintains moisture at an optimum level. Moisture from stored food is evaporated and then condensed on the lattice, maintaining the correct balance of moisture in the box.”


The door pockets for bottles have enough space to hold at least three 2-liter bottles next to each other. The condiments shelves are adequate. However, if you are a strict vegetarian, this fridge is not for you because the entire top door pocket is recessed to hold 16 eggs. There is no separate egg tray and you can remove the entire top shelf but that does nothing to add more space in the door. Very few people even buy 16 eggs at one go, so the top door pocket is basically a waste in the fridge.


There are two toughened glass shelves that can be removed and adjusted if you have a taller space requirement. The shelves can hold up to 175 kg weight each so even if you are putting heavy containers, the shelves are strong enough to hold them. The Chiller is open and is a pull-out design. But if you are keeping fruits in the chill zone, it is probable that they will absorb smells from the rest of the fridge because it is left completely open on the front.


The freezer is a good size for a family of 2/3  who like to buy frozen food for the week. There is a double twist ice tray and a container to hold the ice. There is a cool pack in the freezer, and this ensures up to 10 hours of protection for your refrigerated items in case of a power cut.  

How it Works

The vegetable box is truly big. When we were stuffing produce into it, we could stuff in more than other fridges in the same class, and for a family that eats a lot of vegetables for every meal, this could be a wonderful feature.


The door pockets were big enough to accommodate two 2-liter bottles as well as a couple of 1-litre regular-sized water bottles. They weren’t deep enough to hold any more than that, but for an average family, this kind of space should be good. The egg tray though, as we mentioned before, was a complete waste. Sure we could keep some things on the empty egg compartments, but it has to be small in size to fit the space. The ice trays were smallish, but the fridge makes ice fast enough so you don’t really run out.

The cooling power isn’t remarkable and competitors can give better cooling. However, the top shelf, which is anyway the coldest spot in any fridge, ran consistently cool like it should.  

The fridge cools fast on its optimal temperature setting and has a stabilizer-free operation. This means that it is able to withstand a wide range of fluctuations (135 – 290V) in electrical voltage, and you need not spend extra on getting an extra stabilizer.

While there is no thermostat to control the temperature in the fridge, the fridge does have an inverter compressor. This means that the fridge adjusts its cooling based on how much food you put in it, and there is no loss in energy. LG claims that the energy-efficient compressor can save up to 48% of energy with this adjustable cooling feature.

However, even with the claimed savings in energy, the LG F282RSFM only has a BEE star rating of 3. The fridge consumes 248 units of electricity per year, which at the Rs. 4.9 slab, equals to Rs. 1215.2 per year. This may not seem a lot, but there are other fridges in the same class that have a 4-star rating, and therefore, can mean higher savings.

Extended Warranty


The LG GL F282RSFM is not the best fridge you can buy at the price, and we had a few issues with consistent cooling. We also did not like the space-hogging egg-tray cum top door bin. But if you are upgrading from a smaller single-door, direct cool fridge, this can be a good buy. There is no cooling of more space than you need, and in terms of aesthetics, the fridge fits in very well in a small kitchen. But consider other fridges in the class before you make this purchase.

What We Like:

  • Big Vegetable box
  • Cool pad with a 10-hour temperature retention
  • Large door pocket to hold big bottles
  • Easy-twist ice trays
  • Stabilizer-free operation

What We Don’t Like

  • Egg tray cum top door pocket
  • No cover on chill zone
  • Inconsistent cooling
  • Price too high for its features

Who is it for?

If you are going to use the 16-egg rack, this fridge can make a good purchase. The vegetable box is big enough so if you buy in bulk, you will have a lot of storage space. Small families, or those upgrading from a smaller, single door fridge.


Features: 6/10

Design: 9/10

Performance: 7/10

Usability: 8/10


The warranty on this is standard: 1 year on the fridge itself and 5 years on the compressor.

Comparable Products:

Bosch KDN30VR30I Frost-free Double-door Refrigerator (290 Ltrs, 3 Star Rating)

LG GL-C282RSPL Frost-free Double-door Refrigerator (255 Ltrs, 4 Star Rating)

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LG Website: Rs. 28,840


Capacity (Litre):  255
Cooling Technology:  Multi Air Flow
Star Rating:  3 Star
Compressor:  Smart Inverter Compressor
Temperature Contro: l I-Micom
Works without stabilizer:  135V-290V LVS
Refrigerant:  Ecofriendly Refrigerant

Refrigerator Compartment

Chiller Zone:   Pull out tray
Deodorizer:  Fresherizer with Silver Ions
Anti-Bacteria Gasket:  Yes
Moist balance crisper:  Yes
Humidity Controller:  Yes
Shelf Type:  Toughened Glass
Ever Fresh Zone:  Yes
No. Of Shelves:  2
2 L bottle storage:  Flexible Type
Egg cum Ice Tray:  16 Egg  Tray

Freezer Compartment

F Door Basket (Full):  2
Ice Tray:  Double Twist
Ice Bank:  Yes


Height (mm) 1565
Width (mm) 555
Depth (mm) 670

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