Samsung is bringing its high-end Bespoke refrigerator lineup to India. These appliances are stuffed to the gills with features and offer design customisation options to tailor them for your home decor. Samsung claims that it has opted for a minimalistic design with a flat door and recessed handle. For better aesthetics, it has cleverly covered the cold water dispenser. The line-up comprises a 670L 4-Door Flex French Door refrigerator, an 865L 4-Door Flex French Door Family Hub refrigerator, and a 934L 4-Door Flex French Door Family Hub refrigerator. The last two models with the ‘Family Hub’ moniker in their names feature a large touchscreen to deliver the smart bits.

Samsung 4-Door Flex French Door Bespoke Refrigerator RF63A91C377 (670L) Features

The 670L model features Samsung’s FlexZone tech that allows users to independently control temperature and humidity in three zones. As per the South Korean brand, this helps prevent food smells from mixing. Depending on how you are stacking up your groceries, Samsung’s fridge offers Freeze, Soft Freeze, Meat/Fish, Fruit/Veggies, and Beverage presets.

The fridge has a straightforward controller that lets you set the desired temperature without any hassle. Samsung uses a ‘Digital Inverter Compressor’ for power efficiency. Moreover, there’s a door alarm feature that does what it says. The shelves are made from tempered glass for longevity.

Samsung 4-Door Flex French Door Bespoke Family Hub RF87A9770SG (865L) Features

The 865L model comes with all the goodness of Samsung’s independent cooling zone tech explained in the previous fridge. Moreover, you get a ‘Beverage Center’ that can dispense water and can even infuse it with fruits or other flavours.

The fridge sports a large touch screen dubbed as Family Hub on one of its four doors. It can deliver news updates, mirror your phone’s screen, stream music from Spotify, or play online videos via YouTube or any other video streaming service. It is equipped with Samsung’s Ai-powered digital voice assistant Bixby to quickly answer your queries. Samsung has also thrown in the Food AI feature, which provides personalised food recommendations based on user preferences.

Taking advantage of its internal cameras, the fridge lets you glance at your supplies without opening the door. Thanks to its internet connectivity, you can keep an eye on shelves remotely from your smartphone. Thine feature can be handy when you are in a grocery and not sure which items are needed to be replenished.

Samsung 4-Door Flex French Door Bespoke Family Hub RF90A955387 (934L) Features

The biggest and the most expensive fridge amongst the lot is the 934L cooling machine. This one goes all out on the feature. You get five cooling zones with elaborate temperature control for each. According to Samsung, this refrigerator will ensure your wine, cheese, and other food items are stored at an ideal temperature.

To keep certain food smells at bay, this model comes with a UV deodorizing filter. To swiftly freeze the ice cream during the Indian summers, this fridge comes with a power freeze setting that offers -19 degree cooling.

This one too comes with a Family Hub touchscreen panel, which enables you to surf the web, stream content, or add quick notes right from the kitchen.

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Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator Price In India, Availability

The Samsung Bespoke series refrigerators will be available for purchase from October 18, 2021. These machines offer impressive features, which come at hefty costs. The 674-litre base model is priced at ₹1,67,990. The 934-litre capacity model with Family Hub touchscreen has a ₹2,55,000 price tag. Lastly, the top-end model with an 865-litre capacity will set you back for a whopping ₹2,69,990.

To chill you down after hearing these prices, Samsung is offering up to 20% cashback for those who pre-order these refrigerators on October 12. The South Korean brand offers a 10-year warranty on the compressor and a 1-year warranty on the refrigerator.

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