The PlayStation 5 is a beast of a gaming console. It is powered by AMD’s 5nm Zen 2 architecture CPU fused with AMD’s RDNA 2 based 10.28 TFLOPS GPU. The machine can handle pixel-packed 4K gaming at smooth 120FPS. It does, however, miss out on Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) support, which is present on Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and Series S consoles. It is soon set to change as according to a YouTube channel Whisper Status 74, Sony is planning to activate a VRR feature in December 2021.

In an Interview, President Value Electronics, Robert Zhon, shed the light on Sony’s roadmap for VRR support to its popular Bravia TV line-up. As reported by IGN, Robert Zhon, stated that, “I spoke a little bit on the side of the long-awaited upgrade to variable refresh rate on the X900H, and X90, and X95 and all of the 2021 TVs. That’s still on target for December of this year. What they’re waiting for is- HDMI is gonna be updating their specs for CEC (consumer electronics control). The CEC link is gonna be changing, and so is the eARC. Sony’s engineers are gonna wait for that so that there is one firmware update.”

Sony PS5 Variable Refresh Rate: Why VRR Matters in Gaming

Screen Tearing While Gaming
Example of screen tearing.

The PS5 has the hardware capable of support VRR, but it seems the Japanese company is planning to update its Bravia TV line-up with a 120Hz refresh rate before activating the feature on its gaming console. VRR is essential to get rid of undesired effects such as screen tearing by keeping the source frame rate and screen refresh rate in sync.

For the uninitiated, the frame rate is the average at which a computer of a gaming console renders new frames per second. Refresh rate, on the other hand, is the number that denotes your TV or monitor’s ability to complete a number of refresh cycles to check for new frames every second.

To take advantage of this feature, your TV or monitor also needs to be compatible with AMD’s FreeSync technology. If you are looking to get a TV to accompany your Xbox X series or PlayStation, head over to this link to check out our recommendations.

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