Recently bought a new phone? Here’s a low-down on how to get the most out of your smartphone.

Protect Your Phone 

The first thing you want to do is protect your phone from any physical damage and that’s possible with a phone cover. How about getting a little creative and designing your own phone cover? This may be a bit expensive than the usual phone covers but remember, your choice says a lot about your personality. You could check out for some customised covers at, and to name a few.

Get a Screen Protector

The phone’s display is the most expensive part of the phone, which is not covered in the manufacturer’s warranty. If your screen cracks, you’ll have to pay a hefty amount on getting the screen replaced. Which is why it’s important to get a tempered glass or a scratch guard for maximum protection.

Personalise Your Smartphone

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    Begin with changing the wallpaper, grouping apps into folders and exploring some hidden options, right from motion and gesture controls to call blocking. Spend some time understanding your new smartphone by watching some YouTube videos or reading blogs.

    Mobile Phone Plans

    Get Interesting Apps

    Since it’s a new phone, you may want to stock up on some good fitness, travel, antivirus, photo-editing and news apps, apart from the popular social media apps. Keep yourself updated with the latest apps by bookmarking sites like,, and to name a few.

    Check For Updates

    There are chances that your phone’s delivery may be delayed and by the time it reaches you, there could be an update waiting. So go to your settings menu and get the latest update to save your phone from a hardware failure. Don’t forget to connect to a wireless network when you’re updating your phone or it’ll only leave a big dent in your mobile data.

    We’re sure you would want your phone to last at least two years. That’s possible with an extended warranty plan. OnsiteGo offers the 1 Year Extended Warranty plan for smartphones. The plan covers all the defects and malfunctions covered in a standard manufacturer’s warranty for up to 12 months. So with an extended warranty plan, you can extend your phone’s life by an additional year.

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