We all know how to use mobile phones but not everyone knows how to take a backup of their Android smartphone. This is very useful, especially when your phone is stolen or if it crashes unexpectedly. If you haven’t taken a backup already, it only means investing in a new phone and losing all your important data. This is why it’s important to enable cloud backups for as many things as possible, so that logging your account into a new handset automatically transfers most of your data. But not everything can be backed up, hence we recommend taking regular backups of your phone. There are some third-party apps available, like Titanium Backup and Helium that let you take a full backup of your Android smartphone but they’re not for everyone, as it requires root access on your phone and not everyone is aware of the process. Here’s how you can backup your smartphone following these simple steps…

android backup

Backing Up to Google Cloud
1. On your phone, go to Settings > Accounts
2. Click Google and choose the Google account you want to sync, if you have more than one.
3. Switch on Sync for Google services. Once that’s done, information will automatically get synced to the cloud. This includes your contacts, photos (uploaded to Google+), app data, calendar events, Chrome tabs, your Google Fit data and much more.
4. Next, go to Settings > Backup & Reset
5. Finally, choose Back up my data. Switch it on.

android backup 2

This way, you can save your app data and all of your phone’s settings including Wi-Fi passwords to your Google account. When you sign in using this Google account on another phone, all of your preferences, photos (via Google+), and contacts will automatically be imported. This data is synced regularly and all you need to do is just log into another device with the same account to recover it. It’s that simple! However, this does not include text messages.

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