How do you feel when you see messages like ‘System storage almost full,’ ‘Storage space running out or the most crucial alert ‘Not enough space’? Gone are the days when phones were only used as an incoming outgoing call device. Now, it holds the whole world for us. From our morning reminders to good night lullaby, it has everything. No matter which device we own, it always seems to run out of storage. But there is a way to get rid of this problem. We tell you how…

Delete items in your internal storage
This is one of the most important points in the list. Internal storage on a smartphone is mainly used by App data, Cached data (system cache, app cache) and User data (music, photos, videos, etc). Delete unused apps, caches and unnecessary files that you don’t regularly use. You could use applications to help you delete files. For instance, SD Maid automates a lot of the process, while ES File Explorer prompts you to clear out the remaining files from the apps you uninstall.

Cloud for storage is a boon
Google’s new Photos app is definitely a perk for people, especially women, who love to take pictures. I am sure most of you would agree to the fact that photos and music takes up most of the memory. So, just move them to the cloud. Best cloud storage are Google photos (iOS, Android, and the web), Amazon drive (Unlimited storage that comes free with Prime), Microsoft One Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Shoebox (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, web), Flickr (iOS, Android, web) is the best choice for DSLR photographers, Google plays music etc. They give free storage for your ‘memories for life.

Add it Up
If you have a phone that lets you add a microSD card for storage, then you must go for it. With this, you may be able to move some of the storage-killing apps in it. One thing to keep in mind when you are buying an SD card is the speed. We all need a card with a maximum capacity for maximum storage. But, unless the card you buy is fast enough, none of that matters. Therefore, you will need a card with a faster read & write speed. Faster read and write speed undoubtedly makes the card more responsive. We’d say Class 10 cards are worth paying for. There are other options – using external devices or wireless drives. If your phone doesn’t have a slot for a microSD card, you can use one via USB OTG or with a microSD card adapter.

Mobile Extended Warranty

Some quick tips to free up space on your phone:

  1. Uninstall unnecessary apps, clear cache of all your apps, delete unnecessary media files – images, videos, docs, etc.
  2. You can also take the help of SD Maid to clean up dead and unused files, databases & logs.
  3. Enjoy unlimited free cloud space to store photos, videos and music.
  4. You can move, apps, media files and other data to an external SD Card (if you have one).

Hope the above details save you from all the irritation and annoyance that you face because of ‘Insufficient Storage Space’. These tips can surely help your phone function smoothly but to give your phone an extended life, what you need is the OnsiteGo Extended Warranty plan. The plan covers all the defects and malfunctions covered in a standard manufacturer’s warranty period and can be purchased anytime up to 6 months from the date of purchase of the device.

– Contributed by Rachana Maheshwari 

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