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4 of the Best Selling Washing Machines Under Rs 20K Washing Machine 

4 of the Best Selling Washing Machines Under Rs 20K

Time to buy a new washing machine? With hundreds of options available in the market, we know how difficult it is to decide which one to buy, especially one that suits your budget. So we’ve done some research and listed down 4 best washing machines to choose from. If you thought good washing machines only start from Rs 20K onwards, think again! No matter what the brand is, we list down some washers that are a big hit with people, and yes within the 20K range. Sounds good, right? Read on to find out more…



IFB only had a range of front loaded fully automatic washing machines for almost a decade. It recently introduced the top loading machines in the Indian market and its TL-RCG model is already the best-selling in the Rs 20K range.

* This model is a fully automatic top loading washing machine with a 6.5 kg capacity.
* It’s equipped with a triadic pulsator (used to scrub off the toughest of dirt), 3D wash system (a special system with nozzles that circulates the water 360 degree in the drum) and a bleach dispenser (allows you to dispense the right amount of liquid bleach into the drum during the wash cycle).
* Nearly all its models are equipped with a crescent moon drum that makes sure your clothes are not damaged even during long wash cycles.
* Not to forget its excellent smart sense feature that automatically determines the laundry load and optimizes the water requirement, wash time and number of rinse cycles. This is a great feature to help you save on electricity bills and water.

Price: Rs 18,599


Whirlpool 6212SD

Whirlpool needs no introduction! This is a leading brand that especially dominates the Indian market when it comes to washing machines. It offers a wide range of semi automatic, top and front loading fully automatic models but in the 20K range, we recommend the 6212SD model.

Features: Whirlpool washers are quite popular for their unique features.
* This is a fully automatic top-loading machine with a 6.2kg capacity load
* It’s equipped with a ZPF Technology, which fills the drum 50% faster even when the water pressure is low and the express wash feature, which washes clothes 50% faster.
* It’s powered with a 6th Sense 1-2-3 Wash feature that helps you wash your clothes in just 3 simple steps, which is quite unique in this segment.
* It’s easy tech feature is another impressive feature that includes 3 things: smart sensors (keeps track of the voltage levels and water pressure), lint filter (automatically removes lint after every wash) and the smart detergent recommendation option (recommends the right amount of detergent to be used).

Price: Rs 18,400


LG P8539R3SM

LG no doubt, is known for its range of semi automatic, front and top loading fully automatic washing machines with various capacities.

Features: If you’re looking for a smart washer within 20K, you must check this out.
* LG P8539R3SM is a good semi automatic top loading machine packed with some advanced features like a roller jet pulsator. This causes added friction to the clothes, which helps in getting rid of the stubborn dirt. According to LG, this type of pulsator offers a better wash experience.
* Another fantastic thing about this machine is its 360 degree magic wheels feature, which allows swift movement and rotation in any direction without putting much effort.
* This machine also comes with a smart anti-bacterial plastic filter that’s easy to use. The filter helps in maintaining the hygiene of the wash cycle.

Price: Rs 18,900

Godrej GWF 650 FC

There’s no denying that Godrej became a household name in India in the 80s’ and even today continues to live up to its brand name.

Features: If you want complete convenience with some advanced features that suits your pocket, we recommend you consider this washer.
* It’s a fully automatic top loading washing machine with a 6.5 kg capacity load
* It’s got a digital display that lets you change the settings and choose the wash program with ease.
* It also has a built in load sensor that automatically detects the laundry load and optimizes washing conditions such as the ideal water level and washing time.
* One of the coolest things about this machine is that it includes the 6 wash programs: gentle, normal, strong, wool, fuzzy and favourite. This simply means, it can take care of all kinds of fabric. You need not worry about your clothes getting ruined.
* Not to forget, it’s equipped with a few more interesting features including a memory backup, stabiliser child lock and dual air vents.

Price: Rs 14,200

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