The Chinese smartphone brands have created a stir since they launched in India, and the noise only grows louder with every phone launch. Leading the pack in Xiaomi, which is known to have a knack for making low-cost phones with features that Indian customers love.

Despite having a minimalist portfolio, it also sells one of the highest volumes for each of its models.

Redmi Note 3 for instance, is the number one selling smartphone online in India with over 2,300,000 units sold until September 2016.

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    Xiaomi phone are known for its best value for money smartphones with brilliant specs, solid build and a  powerful processor. However, Xiaomi phone are prone to service issues with several customers reporting damage and malfunctions within few months of purchase.

    If you’re a Mi fan and recently purchased a Xiaomi phone, you can protect it with a good extended warranty or damage protection plan.

    We list some of the common problems here with solutions…

    Mobile Extended Warranty

    1. Over Heating

    We came across a lot of Xiaomi users complaining about their phone saying, the device gets heated up when you charge it for long and in some cases, when you use the phone for a longer duration.

    Avoid charging your phone for hours at a stretch, unless you plan to use your phone like a heater during winters.

    Stop the live wallpapers option on your device, as it consumes excessive battery and keeps the processor busy, resulting in over-heating. Stick to static mode for wallpapers and do not use your phone when it’s charging.

    Also, avoid playing high-resolution games or using multiple applications at once, as this heats up the device very easily.

    If you have been facing this issue, try these tips at home before rushing to a Xiaomi service center.

    2. Bad Battery Life

    Xiaomi phones are popular for the features they offer, no doubt but they’re also equally popular for a bad battery life, especially in case of Xioami Mi3 although it’s equipped with a high capacity battery of 3050 mAH. After all, it comes with an HD screen and the QUALCOMM snapdragon 801 processor, so it’s bound to consume more battery.

    What you could do is, disable the phone’s vibrate mode and turn down the screen’s brightness.

    Remember, Li-ion rechargeable batteries generate heat when in use, so avoid playing games for too long. Also, turn off your GPS and Google Maps and turn them on only when you need to use them, as they consume enough battery.

    Lastly, do not forget to turn on the battery saver mode. Go to the settings menu > advanced option > battery > battery saver mode.

    3. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity Issues

    Bad Wi-Fi connectivity seems to be a major concern for most Xiaomi users. If you too are one of them, try connecting to your desired network, re-starting your device and try re-connecting to the network.

    If the issue persists, restart the router and reconnect to the network. For the Bluetooth issue, remove all the paired devices from your phone and then try pairing to the device.

    Mobile Extended Warranty


    4. Slow Performance

    Most of us have faced this issue, especially Android users. When your phone slows down, just enable the developer options.

    By default, these options are hidden, so you need to manually turn them on. Go to Settings> About Phone and tap a couple of times on ‘Build number’ until it shows the options. Once done, you will see the options under ‘Settings> Additional Settings.’

    Tap on options and scroll down to find the ‘Window animation scale,’ ‘Transition animation scale’ and ‘Animator duration scale.’

    Turn off those options or reduce them to 0.5x to improve the performance. This should help improve your phone’s performance.

    5. Poor After-Sales Service

    Xiaomi is gradually expanding but there aren’t enough Xiaomi service centers across India yet, as compared to other brand service centers.

    We tried surfing for some Xiaomi after-sales experience online and mostly found users complaining about not having too many service centers across various Indian cities.

    If you’re a loyal Android fan and have a Xiaomi smartphone on your ‘Must Have’ list, we would recommend buying it with an extended warranty.

    OnsiteGo offers extended warranty on devices with a free pick and drop service, which starts immediately after the Xiaomi warranty expires. Also, all the repairs are done at Xiaomi service centers only and the plan starts from as low as Rs 249.

    So if you already have the extended warranty plan, you wouldn’t have to worry about spending on repairs after the expiry of the Xiaomi warranty.

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