Your phone’s performance completely depends on your usage, and not on how long it’s been used. So buying a new phone is not an option if your Android phone is feeling sluggish. Here are 6 easy fixes to make your Android phone faster…

  1. Uninstall Unwanted Apps
    This is the first thing you should do to speed up your phone. Uninstall apps that you don’t regularly use because they run in the background and that gradually slows down your smartphone performance.

  2. Update Your Phone Regularly
    Android keeps fixing bugs, so keep check for updates and update your phone if you want it to run faster.

  3. Clear Cache
    Wiping out the temporary files and cache (phone’s temporary storage area) can really help. Remember, every app on your phone fills space with cache data and clearing these can create enough space. To clear cache:
    * Go to your settings -> select apps -> choose an app which has cache (Facebook, Twitter, Chrome) and
    hit clear cache.
    extended warranty for your device
  4. Avoid Live Wallpapers
    Live wallpapers are fun but they need more CPU cycles to run, which drains the battery faster and slows down the device. Every time you change the home screen, you not only run your apps but also your live wallpaper. So its best to just choose a static wallpaper.

  5. Install an Anti Virus App 
    Virus decreases your smartphone speed, as they replicate themselves in the devices RAM and this is what slows down the device. In some cases, the phone also begins to hang or restart on its own. To avoid this, install an antivirus app. This will speed up your phone to a great extent.

  6. Delete Unused Files
    If you have a lot of images and videos saved on your phone, take them on a pen drive or move them to your SD card. Also, delete images and videos from your album that you receive on your WhatsApp groups. Keep your device as clean as possible for your phone to perform smoothly.
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